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at that time, shlf1314 was still very small and we had a lot of energy. We saw a lot of Silicon Valley at 4 in the morning, and the two big bosses worked with us over the weekend to eat pizza and work overtime. We worked frantically and found that the stocks we were holding went up and down, and that was cool.

‘s only apology letter, a lot of people questioned: "as a boss, employees do such a thing, do you really do not know or pretend not to know,

founder Xu just


on the content of the letter of apology, we can see the following article, here is not one by one to repeat it.

in the description of the employee, may use a word: hacker technology. The subtext is that this is a technology expert habit, love technology make practical joke, but placed in the The Pentagon, the white house not to have or at the time of the Chinese Football Association, why to engage in a direct competitive relationship with their

this article is Feng Rui capital freesvc authorized I dark horse release, Ann Xinghua oral

March 2010, I’m on a business trip in switzerland. One night, a little while, I suddenly received an emergency meeting at shlf1314 headquarters. shlf1314 learned to put most of the business, the withdrawal of China, all my people are ignorant. I ordered a glass of wine downstairs at the hotel, and remained silent for half an hour.

? : pull hook net

Xu you really do not know, or pretend you don’t know

in the past few months, the news is a lot about the network. The first is Boss and direct hire spat, and then immediately get financing of 200 million yuan, and now that before did sorry Boss direct hire things, and promote grain silk suture, you can reverse the plot.

but the question is, don’t you know, other executives don’t know? If other executives don’t know, you can blame HR for the wrong person. It is easy to understand: the barber to shave, the doctor will get sick, recruitment also makes mistakes.

only shows that the employee like a master attitude itself, in the company before the shareholding ratio should be less than 10, starting from the overall situation of the company, who the hell I am entering into hell; trying to jump to Boss direct hire is rejected or before, selfish retaliation, now, this possibility is the largest.

Just take ?"

but the pace of the Oracle engineer’s 3 months of development and 9 months of testing has been a little crazy for me. I heard from my elder brother that "the people of shlf1314 are very smart and it’s fun to come over here," so he decided to join shlf1314.

in 2006, shlf1314 officially decided to enter the Chinese market with the identity of "shlf1314 China". shlf1314, China’s earliest office in Chang’an Avenue, Xinhua Insurance

in 2001, after graduating from Tsinghua University, I went to the United States and studied at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Southern California. Because my major is database orientation, after graduation I joined the world’s largest database software company Oracle, as an Oracle database engineer.

we look at second possibilities: pull hook and other executives Xu just pretend not to know. Oh, my gosh do bite finger.


at that time, the domestic market, sh419, Tencent and other Internet Co began to rise, shlf1314 brewing open up China’s market. We often discuss all sorts of gossip shlf1314 translated into what is Chinese.

I am from Henan, Zhengzhou. When I was a child, I was generally poor, but I was rich in railway transportation. The condition of Railway Children’s schools was also good. I was lucky when I was in grade two, I got a computer at home and started programming early. I won the bronze medal at the international computer Olympiad and was sent to Tsinghua University.


financing: 220 million yuan C round financing

today, the network founder Xu alone in the company, issued a public apology, but soon. The general content is a letter of apology, before Boss directly employed by hackers on the products accused pull hook net fact is a problem; but Xu just did not know, is for individual employees, and so on.

from 2005 to now, Ann Xinghua just caught up with the Internet, mobile Internet, O2O, consumer upgrades and other wave of entrepreneurial wave. Here is his story.


shlf1314 and my fate, it’s a long story.

first of all, we can deduce from the first possibility: Xu really doesn’t know. As a practice of moral purism country, can not tolerate any sand, even if there are one or two immoral guy, that is into the hostile forces inside the company, but also the edge than temporary, can not represent the mainstream.

, 2005, when I was 28 years old, I finished my work at Oracle and joined the shlf1314 headquarters. My work number is around 10 thousand. I chose the interesting GEO group shlf1314 maps, earth, etc., which is the biggest addition to search and advertising in shlf1314.

Abstract: the only apology letter, a lot of people questioned: "as a boss, employees do such a thing, do you really do not know or pretend not to know,

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