1 billion 200 million yuan, at that time China’s car rental industry is the largest and the highest amount of investment. Since then, China auto rental company has become the six member of legend holdings.

back to the development process, China’s starting point is the traditional car rental.

on September 15, 2010, in the focus of the flash, Lu Jun holding when he was associate holding executive vice president Zhu Linan’s hands: Legend Holdings to equity + debt in the form of capital injection to China more than 1 billion 200 million.


the afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao convened media in China headquarters, announced that the new board has formally submitted a listing application and the Shenzhou car. In the outside world, Shenzhou super car to the Internet rental market to form a counter attack".

said Taobao customers, everyone on the Internet may see a variety of experience and experience, but for some people seem to be fair and reasonable, not very practical, those are the success of their own, are not necessarily suitable for new, new friends are sometimes confused, even where to start, a lot of new friends choose from the forum, but sometimes do not know what to start from the forum!! this question is understandable, but if you do this, you will need to know how to use sh419 talk, do not know what must learn to learn, so that you can grow faster to use sh419 Search "Taobao customer forum" should be out a lot of content, I’ll not have! First selection method you want to use, and then find the way this way!

"as the tide recedes, the industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of O and the following O on O2O online to offline." Remark on the media of China auto rental founder Lu Zhengyao is confident, implying that adhere to the Shenzhou years offline to go on the road. The afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao announced, has been formally submitted to the new board of China excellent car listing application. Shenzhou gifted car is the main body of Shenzhou special car.

1. doesn’t know where to start,

earlier, the domestic car rental market has experienced a round of "burn war", Ali’s fast taxi and Tencent investment drops play, auto show catch catch fight. Many rounds of subsidies have been made for outstanding male and female, and in February 14, 2015, the management prompted the merger of bits and pieces. What material, Uber and massive inroads into China, soon Alibaba will olive branch extended to Shenzhou special car.

traditional car rental company’s counter attack

Lu Zhengyao probably did not think, the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities, let the traditional car rental company again full of new vitality; he would not expect, there are so many games in the industry. However, at present, a phased result is that China has not only fallen into the Internet tide, but has stepped up the idea of "reshaping the human car ecosystem" after the big car war.

2. doesn’t know how to start the promotion,

this problem is of concern, the blog promotion, but do not know why has no effect, because there is no traffic, why didn’t flow, or is not included in sh419, or you do not have to engage in traffic, or is the key content is not good enough, not doing enough real and vivid, the needs of customers no boot, or you do advertising sucks, so that sh419 on your blog is not included in the behavior, this is the need to know yourself, know the reason well, do not know the reason to explore, to find the reasons that can flow to see someone else’s blog is how to do, or consult the predecessors ~ ~ here that only the blog, and the webmaster friends, why do stand, others to the money, but they do not come, actually do stand failure, From the beginning of failure, it is difficult to succeed in the future, there is the election of goods of knowledge, there is knowledge of improving conversion, improve the flow of knowledge, are to study and study their own!

3. why is the Commission so small?

is not in conflict with existing regulations, and steady development has been China’s strategy. In 2011 March, China auto rental company took the lead in canceling

! Since 2010

has been a Taobao customer for some time, and found many new friends who have many problems.

Lenovo investment, China auto rental concentrated purchase of vehicles in throwing money, expand the team and the city, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen to break the three in China, one Hey, extreme three cent world pattern. It finally landed in the capital market before its rivals, officially listed in Hong Kong in September 19, 2014, becoming the first stock of China’s auto rental.

when you have this question, you do not know that your efforts are not enough, maybe it is not. In fact, sometimes is not to find the method, why people monthly income of 10000 yuan, also did not find a fraction of their. That’s the way other people work. They can make a lot of money. Even if they pay a lot of effort, they don’t have the same income. Good ways are not known. I am a student, too. I have my own teacher. When you have a good teacher, you will know more ways, and you will have better and quicker solutions to problems you encounter. When your method is appropriate, you can do it and ask someone to do it. That’s why some people get more and more income, while others are still spinning around. Taobao guest is not only the accumulation process of money, but also the process of experience accumulation, more and more knowledge, more and more methods, commissions, of course

after the listing, Lu Zhengyao told the Beijing News reporter interviewed, said the emerging various Internet rental mode did not waver in China’s leading position, but instead of the original part of the taxi travel. He has been closely watching the new model of the Internet era, waiting for the government’s attitude and the right time to enter.