four. Blog, unlike other websites, is the biggest need for their own original, every day to write the original article of hardships, I think we all understand. It is another question to think that your article is accepted and enjoyed by the readers.

if you want to start your own career in the Internet, you can’t rely on old style tactical thinking. You need strategic thinking.

entrepreneurs can not rest in their comfort zone. They can’t think that they are familiar with the publicity, and that they are not familiar with it. This idea is completely wrong and will confine itself to yourself. Some people are more familiar with watercress, they go there every day to promote, while other places have not been given up, and eventually got watercress customers lost other customers. Customers will need extensive source of network business, and the SEO requirements of inbound links can not be too simple is the same reason, you only and all aspects of the various channels of people have had contact, you may be able to make good business.

You need to

Internet business has been a major trend in contemporary, tens of thousands of people involved in the gold rush, some people drive a Taobao store, some people open the website, some people do Taobao customers, any enterprise without open channels in the network said it all feel shy. Although the participants, but how to create a world successfully in the network, many people still do not have a clear concept, today we present to you a view: Internet entrepreneurs need strategic thinking.

two shlf1314 Adsense. Chinese click price is very small, and now most slightly understand some computer knows that shlf1314 is advertising, point will let bloggers make money, is not the point, will not let you make money, there is a heart of a few people, most will click on ads people are ordinary.

You need a

nowadays, since the news that tens of thousands of Canadian Chinese bloggers earn tens of thousands of months, the Internet has been spreading rapidly, attracting many people to imitate and publicize it. I hope someday I can be as beautiful as he is. But the fact is far from simple, it seems to me to come up with a China blog that Wangzhuan blogger is very difficult.

you need to ignore the gains and losses of a city, a pool, and look at the overall situation.

network based on entrepreneurship is interlinked, both need to attract eyeballs. Whether to open shop or do not flow, no income, but in attracting traffic problems, many of my friends still remain in the tactical stage, although their hard everyday post dispatch, but the flow is always in a number of later standingstill has not changed much less to do the effect.

why some people campaign very large shop, but the end result is thunder, little rain, what effect do not receive, because they are too scattered, want to put all the things to do the best result only what are only do generally, because the energy is always limited. You can only achieve good results if you focus on one place. How can you do a concentrated attack, which requires you to make judgments and trade-offs, first in which position to start publicity, the main positions and minor positions, respectively, how much investment, these are

to start to do the overall view, you must look at the promotion of the whole Internet, not confined to a few popular propaganda positions such as sh419 Post Bar, watercress, mop, some people in these places every day post dispatch, if the day which website no publicity will feel pins and needles, in fact not necessary, if you focus on the overall situation, a position of a day for two days no publicity will not have what big impact. People who focus on the overall situation have to build a great momentum that I have everywhere, not to become a post king.

you need to learn to pick and choose, concentrate, attack

attack very alert observant and alert.

three. shlf1314 Adsense from a minimum of $100, the click of a few cents, you can see, how long will it take to get the money, but the process should always see your mailbox, see if there is no warning letters, have not been K. Don’t try to cheat. You know you’re smart and you can’t be smart, shlf1314.

one. Now most ASP free blogs are no longer able to place advertising code. That’s an indisputable fact. Now, the wind of the Internet remediation intensified, so this road is doomed to hardships.

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anyway, don’t want to make money blogging so easily, it’s hard only experienced people can really feel, but there are still China successful examples, like Moonlight blog, maybe, is a very successful example, of course, but he took a few years heart blood only today, so any thing is not a short duration of time can be successful, the key is to carefully, to persevere. Whether it is to do stand or write Bo, is a difficult process, regardless of the final did not make money, everyone in this growth, learning a lot, and made a lot of friends, so it is still very income. Finally, I wish all of you can harvest your own fruits after the hardships.