four: look at customer comments, if the merchant’s product quality is good, or the effect is good, buyers generally will be grateful to you, give you a high praise, and then send you a few "beautiful words."". Also, from the customer’s comments and businessmen’s answer, you can also see what the character of the business.

question two:

If the

if you don’t know how to start the people begin to do make money online novice or lost, you can start from here, there are add code in the network system of Tao guest program, and free, and you find yourself every day, so I introduced you to do this for you today, dependable will do. There is a harvest, this is an indisputable fact, a lot of people with a monthly income of thousands or even tens of thousands, you have to invest is one meter, a space, and the ensuing publicity, the Internet every day since you find project waste that time to be fooled, you might as well go to Amoy dependable sales do anything there are reasonable, specific things, be able to make money through the network condition, if the group to a friend finally will be found, wasted a lot of time for the project, in the end really went on to do, go to do a formal Thing.

five: when it comes to promotion, we The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, recount it, what the group promotion ah, the establishment of a number of blog ah, send information to friends ah, SEO ah, email marketing, making the temptation to page… Etc.,… In short, various methods can try. If the above method you do not want to do, or they are not good at the method, there is another way is: wait, wait for the sky pie.

, say five questions first,

an start-up company, after the completion of the financing to raise the public, with investors encountered problems, that is, lead investors in the completion of the congregation raised after the fund-raising can not find. Not only that, even the owner of the start-up company can not find the lead investor. People from lead investor perspective, most of the lead cast more successful people are the cause of their busy work, because the moment have preferences for certain types of projects, or based on the perspective of supporting friends who become lead investor, the amount of investment in terms of them a drop in the bucket, they have more important things to do. From the point of view of responsibility, the return of the current investor is not equal to the payment. For example, a project in accordance with the 30 million valuation to raise 3 million yuan, led by investors out of 300 thousand yuan, only 1% of the shares, even if there are some of the shares given to the leading investors are too small. When a project is successful, the return to the investor is too small, which is also the reason why the investor does not manage well after the investment. But for people concerned with the cast, the original cast is led people to believe a professional look and added investment, with investment is often holding wealth to invest in the success of the project so far led people to see again. But as a matter of fact, there are too few people who are willing to take responsibility.

click into Ali mother: www.alimama, and then in the navigation bar, you can see the word "overseas promotion", click enter, you can pick the goods you want to promote. Here are some of the following:

lead: in fact, the equity raise public areas have emerged out of the water to have sailed the seven seas, the industry to be solved the problem of life and death.

two: the promotion of goods is the core of any market, you can enter the page to view the most recent sales, if it is a month or a few months before the sale of one or two pieces of stuff, as early as possible into the recycle bin, if abandoned, average daily sales, in general can be considered.

1: if you are doing a very formal station, you can pick high priced goods, and if you are in the form of garbage stations, it is best to choose low-priced commodity promotion.

problem 1:

what is the guest? Is Ali mother with Taobao together to create, to help businesses to promote their products to earn commission membership platform.


| Ding Chenling

all the chips have become a popular topic, but in the most difficult areas to raise public equity, but also attracted the attention of numerous predators, from the beginning of the angels sinks, we voted to net financial initiated the original letter, to various new competitors such as ginkgo, etc. I love creating and raising industry each in a crowded public equity want to share. But in fact, the equity raise public areas have emerged out of the water to have sailed the seven seas, the industry to be solved the problem of life and death.

question three:

this is a real case, an enterprise in a congregation raised platform to raise public fund-raising, led by investors is the founder of the wife, the results raised 1 million yuan. How to deal with this situation? From an investment perspective, is the lead investor who has a direct kinship own people should be encouraged not one thing, it is convenient for malicious misappropriating entrepreneurs. However, because of the immaturity of China’s equity investors, many investors feel that it is a good thing to lead investors to be a wife, which means a stronger sense of trust and a simpler communication process. But in terms of platform, such a practice, if not stopped by the system, there may be a great systemic risk.

companies simultaneously in multiple platform to raise public fund-raising do? Have all the chips is a fine thing in need of services, some entrepreneurial projects simultaneously across multiple platforms and fund-raising, especially in relation to the popular project, the congregation raised platform.

three: find the goods, we should narrow the scope, it can be set between 20 to 1000000 Commission, promotion number between 10 to 10000000, the commission ratio of 10% to 100%, after that, through layers of selection, leaving very little information, and is suitable for operation.