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, if your website really has a lot of real traffic, and input traffic to the advertiser’s website, it’s impossible for the Advertising Federation to say you’re not paying advertising fees. If you want to earn advertising fees by brush / advertising, I suggest you don’t invest in Longxi advertising alliance of advertisement, lest you everywhere that we closed your account, do not give you pay advertisement fee, that we are liars, we don’t have so much time with you again.

, I’m a grass root webmaster. Contact network is in 2000, of course, with grassroots webmaster to do positioning, but also in recent years. No more than 20 websites have been made. For enterprises to do stations, there are several. Of course, the number of websites you can visit is not directly proportional to the number of websites you can visit now. The reason is grassroots, because I’m not a professional webmaster. It’s hobbies, hobbies, maybe you want to make money through websites.

is now eager to make money, the website is not formed, put a lot of advertising on the web site, advertising accounted for 2/3 page, the site did not what the content of this website how many people visit, will make money? Many owners think that as long as the construction of a website can wait for the money, if there is so every webmaster to build ten eight site early millionaire? If the site didn’t flow, who will put ads on your website, no one talk about what money advertising.

want to do to make money is not easy, do not see a monthly income of tens of thousands of other webmaster heart itch, also follow others learn to do webmaster, do also need to invest money, time and energy, in fact, a monthly income of tens of thousands of the webmaster is very hard, others can sleep in stationmaster and update the website content, then you’re in what do


above is only a personal point of view, written in place, please forgive me,

site included in sh419 and shlf1314 less than 100 pages, some is not included in the sh419 advertising, IP advertising click thousands of thousands, I do not know, the website traffic comes from; I believe that most of the site traffic sources or from search engines, rarely directly entering the URL into the site, unless your site is very famous, famous like ADMIN5. There are more sites advertising clicks than advertising shows, and some sites are more outrageous, an average of one click a minute, we do not know whether such a site webmaster cheating, this account is not the K?.

a the number of shops, the shop is the largest number of women / women / children’s clothing boutique, is 35434, in the first row; two to five were: Cosmetics / perfume / skin care products, 18277; jewelry / watches / glasses, 18182; / / food / household appliances logistics, 11795; computer networks and related equipment 11057, these types of goods is 53.8% of the total number of shops. The above data shows that this kind of goods in Taobao is very popular, it is the market, but also that the competition of the commodity. two from the perspective of the number of diamond shops, the largest diamond shop is the cosmetics / perfume / skin care category, 1015, the proportion was 5.6% in the category of goods refer to the proportion of the same below; respectively for women / women’s boutique / children’s clothes, 983, 2.8%; virtual goods / equipment / game 776, game peripherals, the proportion of 17.5%; jewelry / watches / glasses, 501, 2.8% of the proportion of household appliance; / / food / logistics, 371, the proportion of 3.1%. It is easy to see that the virtual goods / game equipment / game is the best place to sell, the most easy to diamond, and the proportion of diamond shops as high as 17.5%, five drill shops have 8, accounting for five of the total number of drilling 72.7%! Four drilling, three drilling quantity

talks about making money, and that’s what I want to say. Taobao set up shop is a very common thing, before I never pay attention to the shop, the shopkeeper’s life is what, but recently is a simple number, let me some surprised. In a chat with an eager friend, ice butterfly tears, the 2010 Taobao store sold what was most profitable when she told me a digital report.

ready to engage in online business friends carefully read; have engaged in online business, but meager income of friends suggested reading; have work, want to find sideline, engaged in online business, looking for project friends, read carefully. Housewives want to engage in Taobao shop to prove that they do not go out, still make money, please read. Online business failure, ready to give up friends also recommended reading carefully. Declare what this article is purely personal opinions, such as opinions can be provided, don’t take my bricks. I was beat halo over brick. If you want to promote the exchange of Taobao shop experience of a friend can add my :1014379298 indicate the purpose, otherwise it will not pass.

currently most of the individual Adsense or rely on to join the advertising Union, advertising, earn advertising fees, is the main source of income of the site. Many new Adsense website built on the application to join the major advertising alliance, put a lot of ads on the site, and then find a cross point advertising software or brush advertising software, want to brush / advertising to make money, the website itself hardly what the real traffic during the day, night brush brush, ten and a half months after waiting for advertising pay an advertising fee to myself. An advertising alliance is not a fool, it must be responsible for the advertiser. As a result, the Advertising Federation not only pays the advertising fees, but also gives the account to K, and then says in each forum that the advertising alliance is a liar of course, we don’t want to have such an ad alliance, of course. Dragon West advertising alliance from 08 May running so far, many webmaster said we are cheater alliance, is not a cheater, we will analyze the webmaster website traffic:

, I’d like to make a suggestion first:


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