"finish" off "perfect" twenty-five thousand li

        you webmaster friends, come on!!

            in Admin5, I often see some Adsense said do it hard, even some regret, actually not, is actually very easy to do, you choose this road station is right, flow have income, earn thousands of dollars each month is very easy, than to help people work much better.

        first of all I want to say, I am not a master, I just do a lot of thinking about the problem, to do the station, first of all, have ideas, ideas correct, money will be a lot!

young people should never easily believe in the theory of class cure, thinking that the rising channel is closed.

is always crowded

business legend Bill Gross, who studied 100 start-ups, found that the most important thing for a startup is not creativity, nor team execution, but the timing.

Uber is that it’s the opportunity, apart from good business models, good ideas, and strong execution.

finds its unique value in a market that does not seem to exist.

, when the economy was at its worst, Uber needed it: people really need to earn some extra money.

on the dead wages, follow the traditional way, of course, can not see the future, discover and seize the opportunity to lay out the talent is likely to reverse the fate.

One reason for the success of

Uber for example, the company initially by many investors to ignore, because we feel that no one will every day with their own private cars from strangers". Later, of course, the idea proved to be wrong.

whether it is doing things, timing is king. So is the company, and so is the individual.

you must have had a great idea, especially the perfect creative, but always had a delicious meal Hot pot, leave it all behind.

opportunities are like time.



Abstract: one of the reasons for Uber’s success is that it is the opportunity besides good business models, good ideas and powerful execution. When the economy was at its worst, Uber needed it: people really need to earn some extra money. Whether it is doing things, timing is king.


sports teacher not to earn money, to make people understand the fitness coach; print closed down a large, large number of public V is through advertising to earn pours; what are not dry, there are people who use Airbnb, backpackers reception.

startups that survive, and those who are successful at work, have one thing in common:

"it’s too difficult to implement." is a common excuse.

China so large, far more than three hundred and sixty industries, there is always a right for you. Opportunity is like time. It’s always crowded.

            some webmaster do stand to do station, cash flow becomes more difficult, in fact as long as you spend some time thinking about, is not difficult at all, as long as IP can make money, many of the league, such as GG, to guide the registration SP SMS Union, flow the alliance, sub pay and so on, but the election alliance is very important, because each IP is a visitors, these visitors always interested in something, so the alliance together, you came to the station on the visitors basically everyone will bring you income, how to choose the alliance, choose the union I can not say, here, so they said I was ad, but are interested in, and I believe that friends can add my :122435682, but here I can give you an example: if you have 1000IP, you can release the traffic On the A page if A is * * League, 1000IP can earn 20 – 40 yuan, this is my test, in the release of both, jump to B "jump code is very important, I use the code, the visitors in the unaware in the jump, very classic, now visitors has opened two", namely A and B. On the B web page put several other league ads such as boot registration, etc., here you can earn 20 – 30 or so, so you can achieve the flow of recycling. The above may also have some details, did not say clearly, interested friends welcome to add my exchange.

then there was a saying in the high school politics textbook: "your professional ideals need to be in line with the needs of society.".

now I realize that this "social needs" is actually created by myself.