market research is especially important for start-ups with lofty ideals. If your goal is to be a $one billion business, try to validate your ideas to make sure that the market meets your wishes.

if you don’t understand what’s going on over the last few hours, you’re likely to become or fall victim to a new business called click fraud. Although it is not any country in the world is defined as criminal acts, but there is no doubt that this is a gray area network advertising industry has been developing rapidly in the for pay per click advertising, through human or program, a large number of consumer behavior does not constitute the click of the Lord Qian Congguang in his pocket to search and advertising agency.

as a general manager of a network advertising agency in Shenzhen, Liu’s task has been fulfilled. At the request of her, she and the company’s name were hidden, but she was sure: "this should be a more common phenomenon, not just one of us."."

"you need to have a business plan, headquartered in New Jersey, accounting and tax consulting firm The Green Group, the founder and chairman of the group, and professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College Leonard Green Leonard Green said.

creating a new business seems like a piece of cake. Of course, the exact situation depends on the type of business you’re setting up: manufacturers face special challenges, as do retailers and consulting firms. But as long as your ideas and your finances are routine, there are basic things that are interlinked.

, this is the fastest growing area in the history of advertising, and its growth momentum

your creativity may be very good, but it may also be too small to be supported by investors. If the entire market is less than $500 million, then it’s not worth investing for venture capitalists".

even the best business plan can make mistakes. Successful start-ups anticipate unexpected things and prepare ready answers.

which has become an important issue, even by some commentators hailed as the biggest threat to the network industry, the reason for it: a web search engine advertising is to prove to the world that he is a kind of effective marketing methods based on, is also a big market of tens of billions of dollars. According to the network market research firm eMarketer estimates that in 2006 the United States online advertising market size of about $16 billion 400 million, including search engine advertising accounted for $6 billion 900 million. And CCID Consulting data show that in 2006, China’s search engine market size reached 1 billion 660 million yuan, an increase of 40.6% compared to 2005. Relying on online advertising, shlf1314 and sh419, the two largest search engines in the US and Chinese markets, generated revenues of $7 billion 400 million and 566 million 500 thousand yuan in the first three quarters of 2006, respectively.

"don’t put it into practice until you’ve verified your idea," Anas Ibrahim said. "Make sure there is a market.". Make sure it is what the customer wants. Sometimes the idea of an entrepreneur isn’t exactly what the customer wants".

click fraud exists in the pay per click model of online advertising. Click fraud occurs when a person is not interested in the advertisement itself, only to gain access to clicks, and to simulate the normal user’s clicks on the advertisement manually or using a computer program.

these decisions should include the task of your start-up business, business >

consulting business enterprises in New York City, Talem Advisory founder Anas – Ibrahim Einas Ibrahim said that the biggest mistake she saw the new entrepreneurs make is, in that market demand before, began to put into practice the idea. If your startup’s goal is to sell a product that the world has never seen before, make sure the world actually needs your product. Because if no one needs it, maybe it shouldn’t be born at all. If someone needs it, make sure they’re happy to pay for it.

1. validates your ideas.

lead: it seems difficult to create a new business. But as long as your ideas and your finances are routine, there are basic things that are interlinked.

did not go to the office, nor did she find a target client to sell aggressively. She went to an Internet cafe near her home. There she would change a computer every few minutes. But on each computer, her work is the same: open many pages, do not browse the above content, but direct click on the above ad. She also opened a lot of chat window, the group opened its own mass out, and urged: "help point.""…… A few hours passed like this. When she left, she asked the Internet cafe to write an invoice for the reimbursement.

eleven long ago, Liu received overtime notice. In this regard, the 30 year old, moved to Shenzhen women did not complain, but told themselves and their families: "to complete the volume of business, and sometimes have to rely on their own."."

2. strengthens your plan and budget.

after we discuss this with some business owners, consultants, and experts, the essential things we need to start an entrepreneurial business come down to a few simple steps. If you apply these basic principles to your own business, you can solve some of the basic issues of successful enterprise creation.