threshold? In Zhang Xuejun’s words, at least retail competitors are hard to catch up with in a short time. For example, there are many department stores want to enter the electricity supplier, Zhang Xuejun consulting, Zhang Xuejun’s first question is how to do the IT system, the other answer is mostly outsourcing or buy one

for BELLE, the current IT system was built 10 years ago and is no longer suited to the current format, and in the past 2 years, this has become one of the priorities of the excellent purchase business. In the formation of the Beijing and Shenzhen team, excellent purchase technology system was perfected in tinkering. In Zhang Xuejun’s view, although the current purchase of technology systems still need to continue to improve, but basically has crossed the first threshold of electricity providers, that is, "electronic"".

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as traditional enterprises, and not much of the Internet experience, but the power that BELLE can have the confidence to do this thing is, when the United States top ten electricity supplier website, website brands accounted for 8, while the development target of at least similar brand website is excellent purchase.

CHANet results network logo uses orange CHANet orange as standard color, symbolizing liveliness and enthusiasm, creativity and attraction, CHANet network will always uphold this spirit and provide services for everyone. Results of network marketing platform Alliance:   

is involved in the electricity business in early 2011, when BELLE group has 15000 Direct stores, covering more than 300 city, settled nearly 1500 stores, the retail industry has formed a competitive threshold, but the threat still exists, is consumer behavior from offline to online conversion.

with the CHANet results network in China’s business continues to grow, the original Logo has been unable to adapt to the CHANet results network today’s image. 07 years in September 1st, CHANet production network launched a new logo with rich content, which represents the CHANet results network into a new round of rapid development.  

spent 2 years transforming the IT system

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English letter CHA on top of the arc is rising sun, representing the results of CHANet network full of vigor and vitality, innovation, passion, the pursuit of dreams, continuously forge ahead; five dots below the Net represents our tens of thousands of partners, namely the website owners and advertisers, said the results of CHANet network oriented, time will partners in the first place attitude, also represents the company’s vision: through the Internet, to create more opportunities for the world.

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at that time, this trend in books, 3C category standardization of goods has been reflected in the field, the future of fashion consumer goods will quickly follow up, the speed of entry will be many, BELLE group can not determine. But based on this trend of judgment, BELLE group level decision must increase Internet resources investment, at least than competitors first established Internet technology team, as soon as possible groping Internet marketing rule.


How important is the

but this goal is not so easy to implement, at least for the excellent purchase, software need to have strong technical ability, especially if you need to leveraging from BELLE group resources, it must be able to develop business platform software, and POS software stores and logistics warehousing software and under the open line.


The main pattern of the


as a forerunner of the traditional enterprise water electricity supplier, BELLE group’s excellent shopping network has been on the line for two years, this year the electricity industry is relatively excellent purchase raging like a storm, the two years of silence, and purchase and purchase in the end what to do? How will the future? Excellent shopping network within the CEO Zhang Xuejun made a detailed description, in his view excellent purchase has been made defensive strategy, the most important thing is to achieve the integration of online and offline, then the whole strategy to attack transformation.


CHANet results network is composed of the English alphabet CHANet and the Chinese character achievement net. CHANet means "China results reward network", which is simplified by China Affiliate Network. CH stands for China, A stands for achievements, and Net stands for network. The results network is the Chinese name of CHANet.