for SEO, the primary task is to improve the keywords ranking, there is no ranking on the basic no flow. For example, the site, which runs the popular travel network, runs only 7 days, bringing the number of keywords in Baidu’s top 50 to 604 from 59. Then I’ll share my practice with you.

begins with a couple of screenshots:

October 1, 2013 ~10 8, website entry data and weight data:


September 20, 2013 ~9 30, website entry data and weight data:


from the above two screenshots, you can see that the number of entries in the website began to soar in September 27th, indicating that manipulation practices, and at about 600 stabilize. Here’s my way to share with you.

, the first step, clears the server’s long updated web site.

because the poly travel way is using the old independent server, so there are several old sites on the server, after examination found the old site has been K, so decisively will remove all server server, and re submit the Baidu Webmaster Platform.

second step, optimize website keywords.

due to the early keywords planning, the key word in the chain is not strict, leading to the weight of keywords is too dispersed. Adjust to some articles and introduction of the content of the inner chain keywords, with the keyword + keyword model, and to ensure that the link has already been an anchor text, do not delete and change. In addition, because the website’s article type, pages are seconds to collect, so select a number of low competition, but the index is larger, and there are more relevant keywords keywords, using the form of the optimization of these keywords.

third step, contribute.


here is divided into two parts, the first part is the industry contribution, is mainly to the tourism related website submission, submission of the resources in the station is already included in the article, and try to add links to the original; general journal is part of the second, is to go to the owners of the home, the laggards, such as A5, in the case of submission to share or share the experience the way and proper brand publicity and related links.

fourth steps to fix friend chain.

here has also done two operations, the first is to clear the home is not reasonable and the friends of the chain, the exchange of 5 industry well-known website chain; second is a new multi page chain, batch mode, increase 3~5 pages for each page in the chain. An average increase of 10 per day.

fifth step, tool aids.

the tools here are not using black caps, but rather using tools for drainage, including search, drainage, and social drainage. Here are two aspects