may be the reason for interest, Jrasy is full of fantasies about the Internet. Maybe it’s personality. Jrasy always wants to be a web site that someone else hasn’t done.

has been thinking about interesting, interesting and no Internet ideas these days, and now opens a column devoted to documenting. "Title party" is a very interesting phenomenon, we all used to develop into a spirit of entertainment.

Jrasy wanted to have a website like this, roughly planned as follows:

web site basic information:

Website Title: Title Party

top-level domains:

introduction: an entertainment by comparing the title of the most famous party DIGG.

home page Title: title of the party, show personal creativity, humor the best stage.

slogan: without title, the party has no Internet. (I thought for 3 days.).

website column planning:

picture area: upload pictures and take a title for the picture.

text area: upload text, can be brief news, jokes, etc., and take a title for the text.

activity area: official activities, such as the official to provide a picture, everyone to write the title, high popularity win.

official blog: webmaster, that is, I record the title of the party’s growth process.

message board: where users give advice to the authorities.

navigation bar design:

text area home | pictures

bottom copyright navigation zone:

media attention

web site features:

1. Digg function: you can have "top" and "smash" function in each picture and every article.

2. upload pictures.

3. upload pictures.

4., you can leave a message under each picture or text.

5. member system, only members can publish pictures.

6., one last, next function.

7. official provides pictures, members fill out the title competition function.

user process design:

member: registered member –> upload picture –> name –> for picture; release successfully.

visitors: enter the home page, see a list of headlines, click "yes"