background: the work you love good on some of the technology, before reading, now also intends to find some source program information on the Internet, the first thought is the site to download the > software; > source program download and few are similar, not what available value, or search engine in. Baidu in the " code", finally found a good, very practical (and now is webmaster friends), in many web station for a long time are not, so what to write this article on the web site of the

time flies, from the beginning of 2008 site navigation station is no longer so fire, most have to follow the trend of Hao123, 265 of the navigation station can not adhere to the final year of the Olympic Games, even to now also linger, dying.

remembered that Hao123 was acquired, 265 of the financing, it seems that many stations have seen the hope. "It is so easy to do a station site navigation station, build a convenient, low maintenance, small occupied space, put up after waiting for publicity, money, which is estimated to follow the trend of the original stationmaster of a lot of ideas, now in retrospect, although some childish smile but it is really a in doing so, when many web site promotion uses a lot of methods, even some of the popular at the same time as the flat shouting rogue software came in handy in the future can be seen at the time how many webmaster is" bright "! Who want to cut a cake in the web site on the market and even without cream or. Because of the establishment of the web site and the operating mode is extremely simple, on the Internet just Dang a can, with a complete web site database, and then apply for a small space to register a domain name on the one point OK, also do not use maintenance.

is not recognized by the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, those users, non mainstream website in a few years or even months will be eliminated, because the Internet is the emerging industry development is too fast, too many competitors, users are more picky, then we see is a web site dump, hang, left is some now we all know, such as hao123, 265 as well as some software or anchored in the company under (such as wind, Meiping some industry etc.) and new web site (on Hou Wen). Hao123 was Baidu after the original acquisition of ulterior motives, like a dead man hanging there to some old users, because Baidu know his value, so put it down, the acquisition of the purpose has been achieved. The original hao123 was acquired, it is possible for 265 what is not a good sign, but now Hao123 the "status quo" mode of operation for a 265 chance, Xiao Cai also mu spring. Now, 265 is not just a simple site navigation, more detailed, industry, and joined a number of practical interactive work >!