, an article said: "talking about the marketing strategy of traditional software companies in the Internet market". Today, in turn, I’d like to talk about the problems faced by Internet Co, which live online. In recent years, webmasters have realized that CMS and BBS systems have undergone major changes in the country, ranging from simple functionality to powerful complexity, from commercial encryption to free open source. Team form from individual to team, and then to formal company operation. But do developers actually make money,


from our side is not difficult to see, 80% of the personal webmaster is using free open source CMS and BBS system, and 30% of the webmaster even copyright deleted directly, and most enterprise users also have similar phenomenon. That is to say the developers almost do not rely on the product to make money the authorization, mainly to sales of other products by business customers for free wide reputation, including the development of specific system, two times the development of products, services and other aspects of cooperation.

How difficult is it for

developers to live? Dedecms, phpcms, discuz, phpwind… These can be said to be the best in the industry several representative systems developed by PHP. I believe we are using the most, including my own favorite systems. The first two, do not know how the boss left all. After the two, in case of BBS network storm, users greatly reduced. There are more similar developers, which are not closed down, mergers and acquisitions, strong support and so on. Simple can be said: the future is uncertain.

What makes

developers embarrassed? Not the system itself, nor is it a network environment problem. Ranking rose PM4.NET, Geng teachers think the customer group is wrong. Webmaster, this circle is basically have two times the development of technology, so most owners choose their open-source systems after processing to meet their own needs, it is difficult to have several owners are willing to pay for authorization, or please people two times development. And these products for enterprises to use, but also just a web site, forums. There is nothing to do with the most frequent office routine in the enterprise. The main thing is that the price of the 2 words of the website and system is 0.


, CMS and BBS developers, where is the way out? Considering their own original technology and reputation accumulation, the original results for less effort, but better to inherit a new application, and the biggest money. I think that these online survival developers should consider the future of enterprise management, the most requested office system: collaborative management platform.

collaborative management platform — simple said is to integrates the past separate financial software, human resources and other office software, the B/S moved to online, and make people collaborate better, enhance the efficiency of enterprises. Specific, you can refer to the definition of FORP.

Why does

suggest developers like CMS and BBS consider turning to the development of collaborative management platforms?

first: because >