unconsciously, my independent blog has been set up for 2 months, dedicated to write an article in commemoration of this. These 2 months website data changes in all aspects. The blog domain name was registered at 11 in the evening of July 26th. At about 2 in the morning of July 27th, the blog was launched. As of today, exactly 2 months or so. All aspects of the data are changing, the PR value, the number of sites included, ALEXA ranking, and so on.

as shown in Fig.


, as you can see above, this is 2 months. My independent blog from PR0 into today’s PR5, Sogou PR also reached 51., from no site rankings, to today, ALEXA three months comprehensive ranking 143257 weeks, ranking reached about 8W. Chinese websites rank about 25W. The number of backlinks, YAHOO has nearly 5000, Sogou about 1W5. Google included in the number reached more than 800, but the number of Baidu included a little pity.

also has some other data on the site, such as the site statistics on the right side of the blog, and 71 articles published in 2 months. But most of them are articles I used to write, not all of these 2 months. Up to now, the article has 458 comments and 90 blogs. The total number of visitors to the website is 21657. In addition, the feedsky subscription for RSS started in the middle of July, with a maximum one-day subscription of 85. My RSS subscription address: http://s.feed.feedsky.com/mcq0544, welcome to subscribe to, I always pay attention to my latest articles. In addition, a total of 152 exchanged links, not including some active links to my blog site. There are more than PR5 PR4 sites in the exchange links, and even PR6 websites. These are also my blog can one-time rush to PR5 foundation guarantee.

in addition, with everyone to review the history of my personal blog in these 2 months.

map 1:7.27 day website established the first day of traffic source (was only then GG included, traffic source mainly rely on soft text)


map 2:7 29, the independent blog was founded third days, keyword "network promotion" site has been lined up to Google second page


map 3:8 9 was finally included in the Baidu, keyword "network promotion" on the line to Baidu natural ranking 5., in addition to keywords, "network promotion method", "network promotion program" row to the Baidu 2.


chart 4:8 10, key >