2009 spring, a good time now can fly a kite Oh, these days for pleasure to rest, and friends go to fly a kite, put a lot of time after the discovery and webmaster site or have some contact Oh!

now let me talk about the benefits of flying kites,


1 helps the health of webmaster friends

because the kite look up to, so full activities of the neck, let your blood flow smoothly, brain clear thinking, help to improve the station’s webmaster ideas, perhaps can have a new idea to the navigation network or last year happy net

Oh Oh!

two, and the webmaster site has certain similarities, at every step steady enough patience and wisdom and good intentions of each step, I believe we can succeed, now talk about the specific step of

!The roller of

1, you must first prepare a kite to the kite line, good, good, like the previous webmaster must have why to survey the choice of site type, profit idea, construction, the establishment of the purpose and idea, don’t dive in, finally, not the result of their own expectations and discouraged. Of course, a variety of factors must be investigated clearly, I feel satisfied, let’s begin,


2, kite flying with the previous things, the next step is to choose the time and place, it is best to choose a good wind day, so that one can fly successfully. And the webmaster do is to choose a good server or virtual host, domain name, partner and so on and the content of the website, title, label title, and ready early every day to release a new original article, the SEO optimization will be in this step initially completed, so the KaiTong Railway Station directly is a complete slowly, over time and user test after further construction, don’t want to open today, the website is empty, the forum is empty, then the publicity, users have come in, do you think you can keep? Or is the 3 day of 2 head title, keywords, search engine just by tomorrow and change the template, keywords. This is very detrimental to the operation of new sites, the old man said everything is difficult at the beginning, the beginning must have a certain degree of difficulty, so don’t let search engines on your site has a bad record!


3, the next step in flying a kite is really starting. I passed more than once, 2, 3 or even more attempts, never discouraged, and finally succeeded in flying to a very high place, and this stage will not be so easy to drop. But I can handle him even higher. Successful website is not necessarily a success, and may have a lot of failure experience, sum up experience, try again, and eventually go to the ranks of successful webmaster. Always sum up experience, if you fail, never mind, the most afraid is that you don’t know why you failed. Every time you sum up SEO experience, website layout and website content experience. There is also a very important summary of user feedback and comments, suggestions, etc. These are your capital, >