1, carpool network site basic information


SEO training school usually analyzes a website. The homepage can check the basic information of this website through SEO tools. Through webmaster tools, we see "carpooling network" (http://s.www#pcwcn#com/) was created in 2011, 06, 20, has been 2 years, 18 days in January. Baidu weight is 3, the PR value is 3. Baidu expects traffic is 567IP. Website title for carpooling network, site keywords is empty, Description: @ China largest carpool carpooling network information platform, divided into national and city carpool carpooling, carpooling, attention to provide free SMS notification and authentication, and intelligent computing of the city and to inter city distance, oil fee and fee in Luqiao. Home page using GZIP compression, web size of 3544KB.

2, page repeatability is too high, resulting in Baidu included poor

By looking at the "

carpool network website pages, each text message is only rarely, such as" the weekend time to return home in time for the August 17th morning departure from Nantong, on the afternoon of 18 back to Nantong. I have a car, take a new Road 204, a peer of the people of Haian can take my ride, 30 yuan a person, can take two people. Contact telephone: "1860000XX" and so on a paragraph of text, the rest of the content of each page is basically the same, all map search, carpooling attention, related carpooling nets and so on.

such articles inside the page for Baidu search engine, will be judged to repeat content, often will be Baidu discarded, not included. And Google search engine is relatively mature, it basically does not see the content of the page inside the website, as long as the page of URL is different, it will be included in your database. Therefore, because Baidu and Google search engine quality requirements for the article is not the same, resulting in Baidu, Google included 100 times difference.

3, modify suggestions: to improve the content of the page differentiation, increase long tail keywords ranking

do SEO optimization people understand, a web site if you want to get higher weight, mainly by long tail keywords. The more the long tail keywords ranking, can contribute a lot of natural search site users. Website long tail keywords to get ranked the first element is Baidu included your long tail words article.

"carpooling network" now Baidu weight is 3, and if you want to get higher SEO traffic, you must adjust the layout of the page structure of the site, to improve the content page differentiation. You can increase the user comments section, through the user’s comments text to improve the degree of differentiation. Remove the bottom of the page, carpooling notes, related carpooling nets link, and increase the content of the article closely related links, such as increasing the "other carpool circuit recommendation >"