review: this content is the content of the website, that is, the main content of the text. Another meaning of this sentence is that even if there is no longer a cattle SEO, no content is no good.


what is content? 10 years ago, the webmaster most often speak of a word called "content is king, the chain is emperor", follow this idea to do SEO, 100 try lark. What this content says is the content of the website, namely content of the text is given priority to. Another meaning of this sentence is that even if there is no longer a cattle SEO, no content is no good, "one can’t make bricks without straw". In fact, further exploration, the Internet is a carrier, must bear more content, in order to achieve widespread dissemination.

from the PC era into the mobile Internet era, the Internet from the form of connections and terminals have undergone many changes, followed by content has changed, mainly change is more important. Fill in a variety of intelligent hardware and contemporary video everywhere, various content being extremely poor. Although we see so much content, but is never enough for business: the desire to have a platform and production more and more products to support demand; on the other hand, with the content of pioneering new media, since the media industry including more entrepreneurial projects are also more and more. Content driven has become the basis of the business model of this era, called this era "content era" is not excessive.

The advent of the

content era, content driven business models are everywhere,


is talking about now has gone beyond the content of these two words themselves, and the content of the form is extensive. This is mainly from the point of view of the product, because the product can not only shell, otherwise it is just an empty box. What the user wants is the inside of the box, not the box itself. For example, intelligent hardware, and simple hardware, simple hardware assembly can be used as long as OK, but the intelligent hardware to do is cloud service content in the Everfount output to the terminal, for users to entertainment or consumption. Content determines the winners, your business model, that is, by providing more value-added content to realize. Of course, the content here also includes service, which is a kind of content.

is the content producer, and the founder of each product believes that owning content is better than owning a content producer. Therefore, the beginning of literature was signed and built a lot of platinum author, in order to content can continue to generate, but also has copyright. Precisely because of the content, millet will poach Sina, micro-blog’s old heavy, do not say Lei Jun and old Shen’s relationship, how much money is spent digging old Shen is worth it. Because of the same content, LETV sports can dig Liu Jianhong and Huang Jianxiang CCTV commentary Oprah, not to mention the CCTV host multiple resignation of entrepreneurship phenomenon.

yes, from an industrial point of view, the content is upstream of the industry