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VIP network, and to meet with you today, tell us about the spider, I believe many new owners include some teachers old webmaster, is a priority among priorities of the problems concerned,

below, let’s begin.

first of all, let me put my point of view. SEO is not only a technology, but also an idea. Combined with my personal experience in building, we talk about how to keep a good Baidu spider. You know, Baidu spiders regularly come to your website. We must bring the spider to your site, how to lead it? The most direct way is to create your own words, must remember to ensure the uniqueness of key word (such as: triumph) Baidu search results with low correlation, keyword must appear in your home, but also have the related interpretation and the main purpose is to do the content around the keywords you, then go to Baidu updated quickly place, publish relevant information and promotion of your.

                you send articles to around the keywords you write, it is best to use bold color keywords underline once or two times, and some other way, keywords directly connected to your home address, the content also add one or two times you the home address, which is the legendary soft. Key words and good, also sent information about, the key to the place, that is to trigger Baidu detection database, let Baidu spider down these new content you climb up to your home page, but how to trigger it? Just do a keyword, has uniqueness, the correlation is relatively low, if some people search the key words, Baidu spider search will be preferred the most appropriate page, it is also possible that Baidu temporarily didn’t show you included the site. But the Baidu spider must have done something.

in brief, the summary is as follows:

The first point:

increase in the original text around the appropriate keyword optimization, is suggested in the title Riga, the original is not to say that you write it, you have to search the others did not write to you about the article, if any, forget it, or change the subject.

second: inside the Baidu high weight updating fast release place around your keyword content related information and your site is connected, so that Baidu spiders from multiple locations to your website, I often use Baidu know Post Bar has ADMIN5 or the network these places are good, especially ADMIN5, since you are a webmaster you must go to this place Study hard learning, this is a good learning platform.

third: extend the keyword around your uniqueness, and publish a large number of external links to locate the results on your site.

if you can master the above points, >