now many websites are playing "one of the most powerful," "certain first", "certain" door signs to attract visitors. Of course, I am no exception. Because everyone in this big profit tax-free Internet melee. Let’s talk about boasting. Take me for granted. I studied law at the University, but my computer skills were the most prominent. I spent two years in college making websites in my spare time. During this period, I learned a lot, especially in the field of station master’s technical accomplishment. The development of a website is good and bad, and the ability of stationmaster is inseparable.

1. web foundation

now has many webmaster, even the most basic HTML code can not understand, but all day shouting to do portal station. It must be impractical. You can ask those senior webmaster, which is not a computer master, which does not have web code, which is the personal basis for the station, is a successful webmaster at least.

2. network foundation

the so-called networking foundation is the degree to which you are familiar with the network. That is to say, when you have a problem, you should know which website to go to. Should know what method to solve?. Keep in mind 10 websites that you can use most. Adsense nets ah, Baidu index ah, outdated BBS, ah, and so on, encountered problems, first of all want to go to these sites to find solutions, or the simplest Baidu. Don’t ask people to help you in QQ all day. This helps you with that. There’s a little more work, more tutorials, more knowledge than anything else.

3. personal base

webmaster must be regularized, must learn to learn, how to survive in the Internet, must have a certain moral accomplishment. Do stand firm, and always go halfway. Many webmaster use horse, using some malicious code to make money, can only stay in base station. Want to be a good webmaster, should be sure to update every day content, understand the Internet information, understand the opponent information, find out their deficiencies. Don’t play tricks, it will only waste your precious money and time.

4. social foundation

a lot of people are standing alone. A man does technical work. Few teams will work together. Let’s not ignore the power of the team. Websites are popular things, and it’s hard to win everyone else’s favorite if your website is heavily personal. Teams can discuss and study multiple development plans with each other, and make up for a deficiency in technology. The big stations we do now believe in teamwork, not single handedly. Three Stooges are better than one Zhu Geliang,.

5.SEO basic

most traffic comes from search engines. How to let Baidu, Google like your station, more than your station, this is a very general thing. Related to the development of your website. Therefore, a webmaster must also know how to go to SEO, how to win in the battle for Baidu. The >