recently, I have been playing Warcraft, suddenly feel that playing games is so a waste of time, so I want to find something else on the Internet to do

What does

do? The online thing, as a common Internet user, we are not actively seeking and passively accepting

so, I began to think, why is it always on someone else’s Web site? Can I not build my own website,


was held CN free, all activities, but I still spent 1 cents on Taobao registered a CN, for free, people scared of

that’s it. I’ve got my first domain name:

Why does

apply for the domain name? Because I love to write the forum — dingdingding!!! I want to love each irrigation, the forum friends have written "top" impulse, the 4 letter domain name registration is basic light, more letters, but also let people remember, I think of, I haven’t registered

has the domain name, that certainly wants to find the space, looks for the cheapest one, continues, I have washed for a long time in Taobao, has found a space which

50 yuan /G/ years

so, I have the first belongs to my network home

in this way, spent 50 yuan, 1 points RMB, I have the premise of the site needs

then, what do you want to do?.

personal website, alas, and no technology, and no money, what to do? Online search for a long time, in the webmaster BBS thinking for a long time. What are my strengths? What can I do?. Thinking for 2 days, I spent 2 days in the webmaster bbs. On the one hand search site source, on the one hand search for information. Big brain, never made a website. In order to adjust, I want to go to the lower movies to see, relax and relax.

thunder! Isn’t thunder a free resource? Why can’t I put everyone else’s free resources together, and there are a lot of them?.

that’s it. I got my first idea.

then, is to find the station program, I found the CMS Empire, took 2 days to change a bit before learned a little HTML, but for the interface box is not only because of experience, Jane built, as long as the content is full, must have access to the site. Baidu interface is not very simple, of course, can not be compared with Baidu, ha ha,


2 days, I have been to the big movie forum, collected countless movies, built in March 16th, and by March 18th, I collected more than 150 of the latest movie thunderbolt link. So far, more than 60 people have visited my website.

, +50.01RMB a week, finished my first >