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2010 the emergence of a new business model of group purchase, since March this year, group purchase network development everywhere, from the hundred regiments to thousands of war, more and more entrepreneurs to participate in the China network group purchase competition, then as a group purchase entrepreneurs ready to participate in the war, how to operate a network group purchase group purchase network, together with their head operation experience to introduce the operation team behind the group purchase website.

buy network technology, buy technology network threshold is low, it is true. There are a variety of network group purchase network program, such as phpwind launched the "Amoy link" as a community group purchase group purchase program module, DEDE5 drive vertical group purchase program, so to build a network of group purchase is not a very difficult thing, more important is the network group purchase program authorized by the cheap price but a few hundred low threshold can be copied to develop a technology promotion way to invest group purchase entrepreneurial force owners to choose a suitable for your safety is the head of the group purchase program easily. But I remind you, Adsense don’t think built a buy nets is in the enterprise, business need operation.

group buying, marketing, business marketing is not the sales department, this focus on technology owners may confuse the concept of marketing and sales. Business marketing is the main developer, the choice of a new product group purchase activities, products are mainly local restaurants and bars KTV, SPA beauty salon club, gym yoga and other characteristics of businesses to provide products or services. So how to select a your favorite businesses in many businesses, and is willing to cooperate with you in the business is a difficult thing, which requires business marketing MM and business talk, talk about how we are a group of registered members, a period of a business group purchase thousands of people. Finally, don’t forget to say through this group purchase businesses can not only get free publicity and cooperation can bring in huge profits. Choosing a good business is a good sign of success.

group purchase network editorial department in each working day, group purchase website to recommend a selection of group purchase goods, so it needs to carry on the description to the editorial department for the group purchase information, group purchase information description must take businesses, to recommend products affordable description, the items group purchase activities that have conditions the image and image of the products group purchase business better go to a real scene, the picture must be coupled with your group purchase website watermark, do not underestimate the role of group purchase network editors, but she is responsible for the group purchase content editing and content planning and create a web page editor, can make a person enchanted more is the network marketing group purchase information promotion of the advance team.

group purchase network marketing network marketing promotion department marketing department should be the core group purchase website department, know the network business is difficult, difficult to attract popularity in the network group purchase flow! Network marketing to attract users to the network group purchase through a variety of methods, to allow users to become a registered group members, gathered the strength of the formation of group purchase the consumer group purchase. The author is in a few months