site: Star volunteer community hotline ( was established in October 2005, it is based on a "Star" game as the theme of the site, most searched the Internet "Star" game of the game player, have heard the name of this website. At present, the star volunteer hotline community website daily expenses by the webmaster "love harmful health individual" investment. The website collects a lot of news, Raiders, and humanities, CG, modification, archiving and other information.

‘s "star aspiration" series was produced by Daewoo information company in Taiwan, which has been released since 1995, and has been upgraded with countless young fans.

stationmaster introduction: net name "love is harmful to health", Jiangsu, Jiangyin, now living in Shanghai. Watch Star Games, write stories, and study WordPress plugins.

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below is love harmful to your health: what you want is amateur forum

before I was in the mixed version of Star West Temple, took over as the moderator, the domestic Internet has become popular when the owners own station, Internet star volunteer forum also appeared many. I was also interested in building site, built a web site, will be collected data entry, convenient star volunteers, players query. Players play games, of course, need to communicate. The message board of the website relies on naturally not, I still installed forum naturally. At that time, the use of mobile network program, and later, PHPwind announced open-source. I find that many people on the Internet say it is fast and easy to get started. But because the space does not support PHP, I can only envy other people’s share. The year before last fall, I took advantage of the opportunity to change space, the forum converted to a long favorite PHPwind, and then 5.3.

because the star volunteer hotline is the sole theme of a series of games, its traffic is not very stable. Within the first half of the year before the new game was released and within a year after its release, the popularity was high. The forum has a large number of newly registered members every day to ask questions about the game and ask questions about the game. At that time, the daily IP remained at around two thousand or three thousand, and the PV remained at twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Once a long time no new game release, the popularity will be like a slide slide, the rapid decline, day IP fell to less than one thousand, PV less than eight thousand.

forum management personnel to now have replaced the two or three batch, the main management website is MV, thirteen small aunt, etc.. Mv she is graduated from the Department of psychology at the Beijing Normal University, she was the star volunteer experts, any game problems are difficult to her, and she could see through other people’s psychology, know what others think, really great. A lot of people have problems in life, they will find her. Thirteen aunt, she is more enthusiastic, in the medal of the release, recycling, director of life and other daily management, more adhere to the principle, to