Chutian station has been established so far, and has gone through 2 seasons of rain and wind. There are laughter, there are also pay. Understand Chutian Adsense station webmaster friends may know, Chutian Adsense station in May last year was Baidu K lost. Web site has not included, the most included when the article is not more than 3000 articles. Among them, I have my own original article, there are also collected articles. From May to May this year, the collection fell to hundreds of pages, leaving only the front page at last.

, all the links on my website have been removed. Many webmaster who exchanged links with me just told me. Said my station was K, want to drop my link. I have to explain that I will not cooperate any more. No way, now many webmaster is such, do not see people see the Links website, where friendship? Fortunately, rookie Webmaster Station to my site is never abandon, never blame Chutian Webmaster Station on his website, in fact also proved and a K site for any link not, express thanks to Yang Zi. Thank you also to have the old stationmaster net to my support and encouragement repeatedly.

website has been K, a webmaster can persist for more than 1 years, very few. But I do hold on. I always think that day will be Baidu, will release all my collection. Every day I update my articles and observe the data. But every day only included home page. I went to the outer chain. I changed the title, in short, rescue methods have tried, without any effect and effect. It was not until October 20th of this year that I decided to re – edit my website to change the fate of my web site.

actually, I didn’t do it for the website to live. But because many people say my website template is not good, does not conform to the user experience. So it took me 2 days to change the website template to a template world style. In the template world style on the basis of significant changes, I added the home page 16 independent calls. Home member horizontal no refresh landing. Add TAG page template. Add search page templates, add single page templates, etc.. Because of my previous touch plate export too much, lead to every update articles have no big change. Causes the website snapshot to be slow, the Baidu spider crawls difficult.

replaced the template 1 weeks later, found no changes in the collection, or a home page. And I found a new template exists consumption of server resources, so I changed the server again and again. Finally changed to Henan Jing An four line computer room. And decided to discard the new template world, continue to use the old template. After more than 2 weeks of extensive changes. In November 5th, a miracle happened. Chutian station was suddenly run out. It was as many as 155, which made me see what I wanted. I hasten to update my pace. Keep it updated every day, so thousands of articles have been released before,


, I changed the template this time, and did not change the column and theme, but did not change the title, change the template structure. So it doesn’t make much difference to search engines. – >