perfect organizational arrangements: far away in Beijing, but can be thousands of miles away in Chengdu to improve the details of various details. From registration, to the venue organization, process organization, process is very perfect. The meeting seemed a little compact, but very reasonable.

appropriate meeting content: itself is actually a Kang Sheng product release training meeting, but with the correct words, became (Kang Sheng official community operations combat special training). The commercial atmosphere was completely shielded and replaced by a full station training. More importantly, from the tight arrangement of time, you can see the content of the enrichment.

vice president Li Mingshun Comsenz Speaker:

, and the future development of local, vertical class community site, from the large domestic Internet environment; from the local community website and personal opportunities: coal; and the development trend of Internet users on the Internet data retention time, that community websites share, the pace of development as well as community websites (equivalent to portals, search, e-mail, computer software) two times. According to iResearch, Internet users have only 19% of the total time spent on the three major web portals.

two, China’s community web site development environment, about 1300000 of the independent site, of which 80% have BBS class independent community. Since 2008, the SNS web community has developed rapidly, and some SNS sites have become a focus, from home to school, from to Kaixin, from Sohu to Tencent. Adapt to the needs of Internet users, SNS is becoming a new standard for the community of websites, gradually popularized, vertical SNS is becoming the next hot spot.

three, the development of China’s Internet community environment, the rapid growth of Internet users, penetration will also increase. Huge Internet users, to the first half of 09 years, has reached 300 million, but the popularity rate is only 22%, developed countries, Japan, the United States have reached more than 70%, the domestic Internet users up big space. In the next five years, it will grow by 300 million people, while 300 million people in the future will be the focus of the competition.

four, low education, young Internet users will be the main body of Internet users, women, students, villages and towns Internet users increased significantly.

five, the mature areas of the network have catalyzed the flourishing development of local websites, while high speed growth and high permeability have become one of the important elements of local websites. Chengdu has a prevalence rate of 22.6%, which is a potential area.

six, local station opportunity: BBS+SNS. Personalized and community class collection.

Du Du speaks SNS operation from 0 to 100:

one, BBS do SNS, the original blog channel is dying, old users drain seriously, new users grow slowly, and the trend of Internet community is obvious.

two, BBS+SNS, forum traffic remains stable. SNS landing volume increased steadily, the overall popularity of the site