we know, when the new station just on the line, often no traffic, in addition to their own, almost no other people visit. The webmaster all day view flow statistics, refresh and refresh, can result in a personal visit records, oneself a IP, especially sad reminder


why is this? Because the site just on-line, Baidu, Google and other search engines will not be included temporarily, it will take a long time to review through your web site. Well, this search is not in the time of your website, your website content is better, update again quickly, and no one knows. At this point, we need to import traffic to the site so that others can access our website via our link entrance, that is, drainage.

, if you see a lot of Web sites on the promotion of the post, most will say: website content to original, to exchange links, to send the chain to write the soft text. In fact, these methods are correct. But for a new station, it is not easy. Because the new station weight is very low, no site is willing to and you do friends chain, high quality soft Wen for general junior webmaster, the difficulty is often very big, can’t write out. Go to the BBS sign in, send out the chain, often the effect is very bad, basically do not bring how much traffic.

website has no one to visit for a long time, it must strike the heart of stationmaster and defeat the enthusiasm of doing station. So, what should we do if we don’t have access to the website,


today, I’d like to share with you what I’ve summed up for draining the site:

1, speak with much comment,

has a comment plugin called "many more", and many websites use it to comment on visitors. Don’t know, can Baidu say more, see to understand, or to the webmaster home to see, there is more say to comment. There are many plugins for commenting, but the plug-in is very special. It can set the default link URL on the avatar and name. So we use this to comment, others can click your avatar or name to enter your website, to bring you traffic.

2. petal net collection article illustration

we know that a collection of pictures like a flower web can collect pictures from other sites. We use the petals to your site articles within the illustration collection in the past, is equal to its own website in petals online left outside the chain, if your site in the article illustrations are of high quality, good love, so many people will turn you pictures, increase the chain for you, will enter your site by clicking on the and bring you flow.

3., Baidu knows reference,

through the Baidu reference material to leave the link method, may we all know, many people want to say is Baidu audit more strict, will delete your answer. In fact, as long as you answer good, link properly, Baidu will link to stay. After all, reference material is >