, what I’m talking about here is Google keyword, referring to the search for this. As we all know, Google Adwords can not refer to the price of competitors, how much money, how much money I have, I call it "blind bid."".

is not the competition among peers in Google Baidu fierce, I do not believe that Google’s starting price higher than Baidu, why Google on average cost higher than Baidu keyword? I analyzed, that in addition to "blind bid", the direct reason is our own. We are all heavy Baidu, light Google, and may not even have special staff responsible for price adjustment. Or listen to Google customer service said, bid high, you can get a good quality of the account; or anyway, consumption is not big, a high price, regardless of it; or price adjustment is troublesome, affect other work, by Google customer care…… As a result, the price difference between the positions may be several dollars.


professional edition on the line, the next bid mode is the same with Google, although the advertising, from left to right, according to the Chinese habits, ad clicks will become less profitable but more obscure. I don’t think advertisers will save money, but they may have higher overall costs.

so, the price adjustment colleagues can work hard, you are in charge of, but the boss white flower silver, you no matter how tight, the responsibility to bear up, who will play?. Here, first of all, sympathy for the key words responsible for the price adjustment of colleagues, ah……

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