people who have read my previous article all know that my forum once reached 2W IP, and many friends asked me how to promote this forum after reading the article. I would like to share my experience with

first: Baidu stick,

I mainly do

forum series, and each part is connected with the baidu series has its own Post Bar, I generally in each episode is about to go out when Post Bar posts, xxx xxx released, fast to download, then add links to this site, you do not underestimate this promotion, I just forum when it was founded, not what IP, Hongkong TVB movie channel broadcast nightly 3 series, I posted three, basically from Baidu. There are thousands of ip. but using this method must bear in mind that not too involved in complex, otherwise it will be subject to a penalty of Baidu

second: keyword

When each

series to come out, I will do a special page dedicated to the series, as for the special pages of writing, I recommend to you a Sina series topic page, recommend according to the title, key words written without special page, a page I basic search, series and I will be the first row in the baidu page.

third: viral marketing

this is very critical, QQ, mass mail, do not look at this small, this average will give you every day with a thousand ip

fourth: the establishment of member QQ group, to encourage the enthusiasm of their posts

, needless to say,

fifth: Forum establishment system

most television stations are using BT to download, the seed file must hide the reply, this can increase the rate of post, but we must pay attention to, the moderator must stick to their posts, the posts of chaos, we must resolutely closed account


above is my experience, as long as you implement, 2W IP is definitely not a problem, but due to other reasons, look at the details of another article I wrote, the forum IP fell badly, so now also inadvertent operation of this forum, now turn to do the new http://s. I hope we can exchange friendship connection, and drive the website, so please contact me qq:77152363, welcome to communicate.

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