has become a suspect, is it making us lazier or smarter?

According to the investigation report of the authority of the

network of 70% Internet users rely on search engines, but 40% of them believe that search content is not very practical, if you can get the relevant experts in certain aspects of the help, they are willing to pay the corresponding compensation.

this time, a total of 200 questionnaires were issued, and 195 valid questionnaires were collected, among which 82 were middle school students, 60 were college students and 53 were post-80s employees.

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survey, 100% of people use the search engine, 80% people know 74.7% people suspected of passengers, the most commonly used is the "Baidu", 23.7% of the most commonly used is the "Google", and another 2% of the people use "YAHOO" search engine. 70% of people admit that they have a strong dependence on search engines, and 50.5% of them use search engines more than 10 times a day.

88% of the people in need to write your review and graduation thesis format report, will be the first in the online search and some examples of reference to others; 20% of them think, these articles cannot be directly used only as a reference. 90% that they have legal problems, need to have the guidance of experts, but do not want to bear the high legal fees, because they do not know whether this issue is directly employed lawyers; 50.5% of the people in the body are not timely, will first search to the net, see his condition is serious, and can get the best professional the doctor’s instructions, and then decide whether to go to the hospital; there are 86% people in to the other one unfamiliar problems discussed before, will first search background knowledge, or find the shooter to become.

paper report writing becomes very easy

, a staff member of a government office in Hangzhou, told reporters. Now, whether it is assigned by the teacher or the report, he first to search engine search, copy and paste useful information, plus some of their contents, sometimes the design of a professional, or when the workload is relatively large, he usually go to Chinese doubt guest distributed task, spend less money, can be satisfied with the article, and sometimes there are many articles available in the original article to avoid plagiarism in the network or "Zhuangshan" embarrassment. The ability to complete the work has been greatly enhanced, many times received the praise of the leadership, the efficiency of the work is also several times the original.

, however, admits that doing so is much more secure than copying directly online. Because the search engine search article is Zhuangshan the possibility of very large. Once is to write a 5000 word essay, he and many colleagues in writing a paper is not "Baidu", "Google" is the result of many of my colleagues have a repeat, leading a glance that they are copied from the Internet. With this experience, Xiao Shao is now writing more important papers