with new people is an essential stage in the career, and if you want to bring new people quickly, and can grow quickly, you need supervisors to be patient and patient. But because the executives have too many things to deal with, it may be easy to ignore the supervision of new people, in this regard, I would like to share my feelings, I hope you can give me more management advice.

as a SEO supervisor, because of the need to handle a lot of things every day, it will be difficult to bring new people into the heart, so we need to have a plan for the work, daily work record certain requirements for the new job, the new haven’t mature stage must take some time check the new work, carefully check the work if there is no attention to the details and to remind, so as to ensure the new work in the future to do more perfect.

then, as a supervisor, not the most is the lack of care and patience, there are too many people do not know the place for the work may be, as the head face new problems don’t be impatient, but to try to help people to answer, or let the couple will be problems in the work record, day feedback.

may be a lot of people will say, which have so much time to teach new? Here, I want to correct a wrong view, not the hand, hands-on teaching will only make this new growth more slowly. We should let go, not afraid of new mistakes, give new people an opportunity to try, so that we can find new problems and correct them.

is the way to teach new people. Some executives hate to teach little by little, lest the newcomers miss something. In fact, there’s no need to do that. We’re going to teach new people how to work. For example, a web site analysis, we should give them with what, to analyze from several angles which, while the analysis is not a page of a page to them, this process does not only teach teaching method is likely to lead to new faces similar problems when was confused, don’t know where start, is not conducive to the growth of new.

There is a certain

or regular statistics you find that in the work of the new weak, a system of training, so that they understand their system defects, and it should be clear how to do. Then develop training to help them quickly enrich their knowledge and grow rapidly.

above is my experience with new people, I hope you criticize me.

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