was director of Baidu League before zhou. 08 years, the creation of creative goods, electricity supplier website fun. Get sincere letter and longitude and latitude investment. In 2013, he left Beijing, the company’s headquarters, in Chengdu. As the same evacuation from Beijing to the small town in the south, from the media I am quite interested in asking him a few questions.

Cheng Lingfeng: why do you want to move,


weekly: ask yourself a question, in the next few years, what is the driving force of development? The financing environment of the electricity supplier is not good, we have also been financing. So the driving force of development is not money.

is actually "people first"". All power is human. None of us in Beijing has a better chance of living better. For example, can not afford to buy a house. I want them to live better and be motivated to do good things.

Cheng Lingfeng: why is Chengdu?


I’m from Sichuan. Chengdu hi tech Development Zone is developing well. Of course, that’s not the reason. Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen, I have visited all aspects. But Chengdu’s housing prices are the most undervalued, and have barely risen in the past 2 years. Chengdu hi tech Zone in three to the Fourth Ring Road, is becoming the new center. The city government moved to the hi tech zone. There will be double centers in Chengdu, just like Puxi and Shanghai in Pudong.

I want this one of us to be able to start our business in 3-5 years. Avoid impulsive thoughts.

Cheng Lingfeng: you are the same as you do.

weekly: some people are reluctant to move, so they leave. I started in June last year, this idea, I went to communicate with executives, and then gradually down. The majority of the middle class agreed, and the executives agreed. This result is contrary to my previous conjecture. At the time that the older the family, do not want to move, and the young people are willing to float around. But I was wrong.

the truth is that young people feel that Beijing is full of opportunities and that 10 years’ struggle in Beijing equals 30 years’ struggle elsewhere. But in fact only a few companies, a small number of people can do, such as Baidu, Tencent. Most of the other companies, most people can not do it. Young people tend to overestimate their chances and become one of the millions.

, on the other hand, 70 would prefer to move to Chengdu. They have experience, more pragmatic, more optimistic about the development of the company, and more optimistic. The vision is easy to reach.

Cheng Lingfeng: is there enough talent in Chengdu?.

Zhou: I’ve been getting started with the idea of moving. Chengdu has many friends of the company. Although the whole environment is not as good as Beijing, the accounts are clear in business. Suitable for start-ups to a certain stage of the company.

Chengdu hi tech Development Zone only a few years ago in name only. But now there are 40 thousand employees, hundreds of enterprises. Noon to eat in the collective canteen, a lot of people. The people in this group have settled down. Government of the Sichuan