around the "buy, buy, buy" built communities, relying on the user you say I am a word to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the sea amoy. This not only saves the little red book loyal users, but also let them in the process of transformation of the electricity supplier, it is easier to find high-quality sources of goods and partners.


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scouring the sea for this very easy but not reliable. 90, Chen mather recently got a new countermeasure. Compared with the past has been worried fakes or is not worth the product, now she leaned on a mobile phone application called "little red book", have a group to help make decisions "sea Amoy consultants", can directly buy a lot of good goods".


consultants say that in fact, the Red Book users, also known as "little sweet potatoes"".

According to the data provided by

, the number of "small sweet potatoes" has exceeded 15 million, and almost all of them are female, since the formal application was launched in January 2014. Of these, 82% are 85, and the number of people after 90 is the same as Chen’s, which is more than 50%.

, perhaps this user figures are not impressive enough, but according to statistics from the General Administration of customs and the China electricity supplier research center, the size of the domestic sea wash population in 2014 was 18 million. In other words, most people in the country who are scouring the sea are users of the little red book.

created by the little red book community, this group of "small potatoes" around "what to buy", "where to buy", "how much money was worth buying" to discuss such issues, are "consultant" busy degree from the daily community can produce more than 1 million praise can be seen. And the so-called good goods, there are many from this group of consultants in the discussion, was small red book business development (BD) team picked out, and then in the small book on the electricity supplier platform sales.

The logic of the rapid development of

‘s little red book looks simple: there’s nothing like a "buy, buy, buy" collection of girls.

But in fact it is

to grasp the two opportunities: first, this year the domestic consumption upgrade, not only overseas consumption scale rapid growth, while high quality household appliances, daily-use products became a major overseas purchase object. Second, in the foregoing context, many Chinese consumers have a great deal of information about shopping because they don’t know which products are worth buying and how much they should spend and so on.

from the beginning of 2013, outbound travel for Chinese for a high frequency events, with the upgrading of consumption continues to deepen, we want to buy more things, such as toilet cover, electric cooker etc.. But because of regional differences and language differences, many people do not know what to buy, and we feel that this is a need to seize." Qu Fang, the co-founder of the little red book, told the interface reporter when explaining the original intention of founding the little red book.

Qu Fang’s words will be more convincing in the big background. Commerce secretary Gao Hucheng