after a year of hard work, I finally reached more than 700 on the website IP, and stable in this volume, although the recent Baidu volume decreased slightly, but still a good momentum, every day GG to more than 300 IP, Baidu is estimated to contribute about 200, the only missing is the people immediately to gas. They are all gone, this is not strange, I had the establishment of the principle of too serious, several friends to come and help irrigation, I have been rejected, why? I want my website essence, water paste


but now I regret, after all, rely on search engines no spectrum, today is good for you, some days may be faithless, it is not a thing! And now write the original acquisition so serious, more, also enemy but others acquisition + pseudo original, so that someone else is new included tens of thousands, envy to envy, he also had several times to learn about the acquisition, conscience always justified, stand to do is make a station, so what do

vanity?My evaluation of the

GG was very depressed, when PR in the minds of many people is very sacred, it is also the beginning of 08, the first time to update my PR only 2, really made me depressed for a long time, why? And at the same time I do some crazy crazy link station, plus water tank. I stayed up all night writing carefully than the website maintained by the PR to be high, can not depressed? Later found that GG is a fool crawler, you don’t have the chain, then, you must wait! It will give you a high PR, but patiently let it climb you stand this! In April the new PR, I finally to 5, while the PR4 station of a lot, but to the estimate of 5 still accounts for a small percentage of


always think there is a very interesting peer (here refers to the company doing the same type of website, we are currently not profitable, no competition between each other, the business) he could find a good website links with him, that I was lazy, what he is doing, I also went to do what I say, not a few words, they shut the link, do not do, even if I am now PR5, so it is no drag, pull pull, not that we can do, so I admire him, do not spend energy in the update, always go for PR, when I get this ebook my station ( linked with him. Included in the high web site for links, incredibly ranking is good, content, I have seen, say, no,


this guy is the most interesting, and is talking to me, but also my old steal statistics peek, then find rows of good words, he began to do stand is to grasp the popular keywords, if not mistaken, or I suggest him a domain independent station, before using 5D6D the forum, I find links, of course I can not promise to pull… Now that this guy is busy with his work, it’s estimated that the forum is going to waste, unfortunately.

there are a few others out of the way. Here’s a roll call, especially that outside Shenzhen