current user experience for everyone in the private hospital is talked about, so how to do the user experience? Below by loss of taste and we come together to analyze, the private hospital is how to do the user experience through the analysis of the data.

1: analysis of the source of background traffic

webmaster daily work should be the first to enter the website statistics page, see how many IP every day, how many PV it is through what word, is Baidu to more, or Google to more?. I believe these are compulsory webmaster every day, see this is right, but also should see, the best of these data every day recorded in detail, so stick to a few months, you take a look at these data, maybe there will be unexpected harvest oh.

two: analyze and summarize data

a week to sum up these data summary, and then a month to analyze, and if you insist on doing this work, you have done a summary, I believe you will have some harvest. You can do the analysis based on these data, summed up the work of what is useful and what is useless, just a waste of time, and then formulate the work plan of the next step, what has to be improved, in the next step of the work must be reflected. Such as: webmaster encyclopedia and American host detective in this respect to do very well, have day summary, weekly summary, month summary, this aspect of work is in place.

three: develop a scenario based on data

private hospital general in the website content, are based on the background to determine what keywords word to the next step, what kind of articles written, and in writing the title is basically unchanged, the direct use of background user search in the word as a title, content around it to write, of course can also be based on the word expansion, such as: how to treat uremia, the title can be directly as in how to treat, how to cure uremia after expansion; or how can cure uremia; how to treat uremia can also be a good effect.

four: data to do user experience

private hospital in user tests, are directly based on user needs to do the content, what words patient search volume, do those words, these words is of course summary and through observation for a long time, and today not to see which words to flow more, do which word. If a word in a long time, every day there is a lot of traffic, then we can spend some effort to do the word, and then according to the word to do the corresponding optimization. As a result, we are not afraid to do is useless, not afraid of poor user experience, if the quality of your clearance, it is required by the user believe your website user experience should not be too bad.

is not just a private hospital, can be done according to the flow of user testing, other types of Web sites are the same, and these should be universal. In short, observation, analysis, summary >