Website Planning – packaging enterprises beyond competitors

mining advantage analysis opponent advantages to move slow coups victory away

Baidu ranking – to do the domestic market first choice, Baidu ranked

domestic more than 80% of users in the use of Baidu, Baidu rankings equal success, 80% want to become industry leader, Baidu is the preferred

site rankings – let your customers find you exactly

ranking before keywords planning, if keywords are wrong, perhaps most of your peers in your website, all the efforts will be in vain,

YAHOO ranking – doing business with foreign and foreign companies

foreign enterprises, search traffic

foreign capital, Hong Kong, Austria and Taiwan business

Google ranking — doing high-end market, foreign market,

Google user groups determine the level of the market, Google on the left is the money can not row, and only do

Msn ranking – foreign markets and foreign trade enterprises

Msn user base is basically doing foreign trade enterprises, search traffic is relatively small,

but the groups are special,

article to yourself: site ranking