to the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship to the actual implementation of the majority of colleges and universities, so that college students enjoy entrepreneurship service zero distance". At present, Jiangxi, Jiujiang, the introduction of human services into the effectiveness of further promote the innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students!

is to coordinate public entrepreneurship, innovation for college graduates, to stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, innovative services Agency Bureau of Jiujiang, the integration of employment, social security, small loans, business tax, such as the introduction of talent employment policy, social service platform for colleges and universities in Jiujiang to build "two bases, three channel" function so, universities, graduates are not out of school can enjoy "zero distance" employment service.

of the city university social service platform for a collection of "employment and entrepreneurship training base, business incubator" and "business loans Easy Access, labor personnel agency Easy Access, the social insurance agency Easy Access five functions, docking" Internet plus ", in accordance with the" Internet Plus + + University Business Incubator Service Agency "the idea of strengthening the administrative departments, parks, University cooperation.

use of teaching resources and training resources of university business incubators, colleges and universities to promote employment and entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship training, social security service incubation organic integration, set up a scientific, pertinence and effectiveness of the business support system, to provide "throughout the day, all-round and one-stop business services for the majority of College graduates. Student management personnel agency, small business loans, employment training subsidies, business license for the transaction in the service platform.

at present, the city service platform of University Jiujiang University, Jiujiang Vocational University, Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College has covered four universities, Jiangxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics, the next step, the city community service platform will cover the city’s large-scale private science and Technology Park, business incubator.

on the innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students, the community has been discussing the issue! In fact, in the face of China’s current national conditions, innovation and entrepreneurship is an inevitable trend of development. We are not in the discussion of entrepreneurship should be able to succeed, it is better to provide a number of young entrepreneurs to provide effective help to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship!

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