today, let’s analyze the case of the cow. This case touches me very much.

I was in the Facebook operation, see this article, and I feel a lot of points are fit, especially in social, I emphasize leveraging the power, but the premise is that you must have high quality content to form precipitation; users can not to your page, a little open go, you must have something to attract him, here we take a look at this case: is a personal web site established in May 2013, and this site has a very high exposure in some of the technology blogs in the United States, and everyone thinks it’s a small miracle.

The reason is that this

personal website was established only 8 months, but the independent user visits every day in more than 2 million, the monthly income is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this site only 3 maintenance, 2 of which are part-time. this site does not take any VC investment, and there is no new technology, is a simple BLOG system built personal website.

why such a simple personal website can be done in 8 months: about 2000000 per day of independent access users, monthly income of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Listen to me slowly for everyone to analyze.

one, some key data

Alexa is ranked 376 in the world,

month visits more than 100 million

There are 1 million 100 thousand fans on


operating costs are very low, very profitable, monthly income has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars,

100% comes from advertising revenue from Google Adsense (very cheap AD)

has only 3 people running, with the exception of the founder being full-time, and the other 2 are part-time

doesn’t have any venture capital. It’s all

, the founder’s own capital

was founded only 8 months, these data is very cattle B, then this site in the end is what to do,


two site location’s Web site is very simple: sharing interesting, loving and valuable stories from around the world.

, but if you just spread the content across the web, you can’t have done so many users so quickly, so what did he spread?


three share viral transmission via