speak the same language.

a lot of time, we talked about for a long time, in fact, talking about is not a thing, the premise and assumptions are different. More often, or choose silent good, do a silent fish, swim happily in the water, pay attention to, is silent shark. Lovely brother Chuang-tzu said, is inexcusable, is really marvelous figure.

doesn’t even have what you want here. You can’t see it. This article is going to be written and I have decided. But how to analyze and analyze which level, how wide, how deep, and how wide it is, is with me. No way, because it’s not a paid analysis report.

, let’s get started. The premise here is that we’re only talking about content building, and the assumption here is that the site has traffic to make money.

good luck,

when I came out in April 2007, the Internet remained a metaphysical stage for my dear internet. Began to work in other Internet companies, into one of the best local revenue sites in Hefei, the feeling of the site, to implement the shape down, began to pay attention to the home site. Later I had the chance, I want to write a preliminary Home Furnishing news, immediately leave this one, and when out of this article, calculate for half a year.

Meet one of the chief of Anhui’s most profitable

during this period, it will do encounter one of the CEOs of content, have very good boss, even encountered very will deceive exploit staff manager. The most direct contact, as well as Anhui’s top home journalist and editor. Maybe luck?.

home website content how to build


websites are worth seeing. The hypothesis of this article tells us to catch traffic. Here, traffic can be divided into two kinds, one is the flow of merchants, the other is the flow of Internet users. Which is important?. Which one is the first? I don’t think that’s the answer. We seize the Internet traffic, businesses own Pidianpidian ran over and said, dear master, I can in your site cast advertisement cost with


in this logic, the content of the website how to build, very simple, do Internet users need and like content.

near not say, say far, take focus, search room, house365, Nanjing three in the industry in the leading position of the website to say. It’s April 29, 2008 21:29:34, and we’re intercepting the home page of these three websites:







which attracts the attention of Internet users more than I say?