as we all know, the Internet is developing and e-commerce websites are emerging one after another. In view of the website construction of insurance website, I also talk about my experience and experience. Maybe it’s helpful for beginners. In fact, regardless of SEO, many large-scale e-commerce website construction, as long as the good part of it. Especially insurance website, web content distribution, website architecture settings, is the essence of the real construction site!

understands the distribution of insurance sites and builds targeted channel pages

online insurance shops, some specializing in the sale of accident insurance, personal insurance, and some sites are responsible for auto insurance, ship cargo insurance. So the first goal is to sort out and sort out the product distribution of the site. Whether or not the site involves SEM. This is the first step in e-commerce. Will then establish targeted channel page, if I do not know SEO, strong search engine, but at least you know a website theme must be clear, and the branches of insurance products, and to highlight the good is the key. Do pay search when, also not so come over.

makes landing pages for popular insurance products in order to conform to the electronic commerce rules

I think of the rules of e-commerce as the exact timing of the purchase of the website and the simplicity of the purchase process. Just imagine that when you buy books, you want to do it overnight, so as not to trouble you. Thus, in general, at least for the insurance platform, will be a number of hot products targeted construction. That is, assemble some products and make landing pages. As a result, these pages on the home page can increase the chance to buy new visitors and buyers have a familiar channel, Wednesday, said SEM, will not create such practices. Do not know SEO, I also know that Baidu, Google like topic page, do not understand PPC, I also know that bidding will need it.

landing page after a key finalized, but also on the industry market research,

so-called e-commerce, online platform, there is no line of market research, online analysis, it is difficult to reach consensus with the masses. Now that the insurance website, cut into the insurance product planning in this regard. The landing page is only the first step, the next to be classified effectively, the corresponding insurance products, for example, for travel insurance this insurance, can be divided into outdoor, abroad, study abroad, Schengen visa, short-term group and so on many categories, after all this is the electronic commerce, active buy to let consumers have to persuade force. This is especially true for insurance websites. Of course, this can not avoid a market investigation!


, an e-commerce insurance website, must add massive content pages and information to

insurance is not everyone can understand, in addition to clear product introduction and planning, also should provide knowledge of insurance, insurance information, this is a scene of the insured to the insurance online platform most want to see. This is also the gateway to many e-commerce networks