recently received a English station, the key is countertop, then began a SEO knowledge review. Finally the SEO books and read the video, now introduce, we can refer to in the choice of:

"search engine optimization" English Name: "search Engine optimization:an hour a day"

, an American two SEO experts to write the book, the book in the face of readers is all dealing with the website, and assume that the reader is working hours and the other to learn SEO, easy to understand, and most importantly, the Book SEO standardization is. Strong, so here’s the key recommendation.

second book is in English, the title is "seo_made_easy",

is the author of Brad Callen, one of his SEO tools, I believe we are no stranger: SEO Elite 4, there are many cracked version, but does not support Chinese analysis. An obvious feature of this book is: relatively simple analysis of the system SEO, and explain the optimization of a website promotion case, unfortunately, only the English version, afraid we read hard.

third book is also in English: seobook,

China has a Chinese translation version, I read English original, this is a very good SEO Book, a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the seo-sem. The information is very much, I read SEO books in the thick of the author, a more detailed explanation of each part, if you have time, you can study this book, official website information update is also very good, you can subscribe via email.

This is the fourth

Wang Tong wrote, "search engine ranking secret"

better Chinese tutorials, but also worth studying.

fifth books: SEO from entry to mastery.

now found practice while reading can better find the real wrong and then change it, SEO exciting place is SEO because the search engines are constantly changing world without end, SEO technology continues to progress. Now introduce the better SEO video tutorial, read three sets of SEO video tutorials, although a lot of similarities, but each has its own advantages, there are places worth learning.

: the first set of the earth, now seems out of the ninth class, this tutorial gives people the feeling is not too, said widely, think of there said there, but after reading it very rewarding, something the author mentioned is very important.

second tutorial is Cao Peng lectures, good at English, basically speaking only for English, SEO, relatively basic, suitable for beginners.