I dark horse note: success is not overnight, UC spent ten years, from 6 small companies, grew into the mobile terminal browser King (500 million active users), and began expanding search business. On the morning of June 11, 2014, Ali UC announced full integration. Chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said in an interview, the amount of Alibaba acquisition of UC is equivalent to about two 91, that is, $3 billion 800 million, which is likely to be the highest valuation of UC.

what did Yu Yongfu do right? What trends should be allowed? Let UC evolve from Symbian time to become king of mobile terminal?

below is the I dark horse & entrepreneur dialogue Yu Yongfu, his summary of the development of UC thinking:

to do "cloud + end" platform UC go today, split into two clues to speak, one thing, one is human.


‘s business, we are internally calling the three startup:

for the first time from 2004 to 2006, the goal is to survive;

second times from 2007 to 2010, developed and expanded;

third times since 2011, realize the dream.

The core of the first phase of

is finding the right user requirements and identifying the right direction of development, namely, the "cloud + end" architecture of mobile browsers. I was also investing in Lenovo, raising two questions:

is a stand-alone software, from the investment point of view does not make sense, the future belongs to the "cloud + end" platform type company;

two is day and night, can only be bombed. If you want to capture the market, you must rely on the "army", that is, active push.

on the second question, I cite the most examples are Sina and Tencent. Sina is the first generation of portal, Tencent by QQ push Pop News catch up from behind. On active access, Sina traffic is high, but the total traffic has been lost to the Tencent. This raises the question of whether the user is pulling or pushing it,


rely on pull, you need to marketing every day, by pushing, you can maintain low cost operation. Therefore, from the viewpoint of platform must push and drag the platform, to avoid not days. Start-up companies in the initial stage, to identify your products, to find that "1."". Did not find, always painting "0"; found, the "1" adhere to, and constantly painted behind "0", you can become 100, 1000. UC started with the UCmail (mobile mail client), and when embedded in an analytic module of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), it found that the percentage of users using this module and using UCmail was 10:1.

He Xiaopeng (co-founder of UC, the product owner) adhere to the data speak, then go to do the browser.

by the end of 2006, when I joined, U>