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ICP for the record, a lot of headaches, large companies provide complete documents filing fine a few days to record, bitter is the personal webmaster, many webmaster for several months down, until the last site was the Ministry to stop, causing some damage, but in the new filing requirements before they can someone to record these individual grassroots webmaster, just a few days before, but now the record out of the new regulations, to take pictures, but the new regulations out of the record or a way to deal with, since there is a solution, then the price for the record is still as ever? Before it and I made a world of difference. Remember the two station for me in May when only spent 25 yuan, now for a website to be 100, 70 of the price of an acquaintance, or random ordinary record, if a little hard to price not much Say.

new filing system Li:

1, can be a good fight against fishing stations.

2, crackdown on pornographic websites in china.

3, hitting individual illegal sites.

4, the website has a problem, can better find the holder of this website.

new filing system disadvantages:

1, filing difficult, many people’s Web site is not in the local, if you want to go to the field to take pictures, how much trouble?.

2, the original record system for personal Adsense audit time is very long, after the new system comes out, many webmaster may not put down the record.

3, on behalf of the filing personnel and a huge profits began.

new filing system rules introduced, prompting many webmasters forced to emigrate, prompting many generations of record personnel to raise prices, making many grassroots personal Adsense is difficult to accept. Although it is beneficial to many aspects of management, but it also suffered a lot of people.

finally exclamation statement, I do not know when China can truly realize the Internet freedom.

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