said the mood of the webmaster (mainly money), I long time in considering this issue, I do a good long time (Web site did not say, from people thought it was promoting his suspicion, money is earned), but not many, the main reason of my income is not on the site, so the site for a long time I did not add any form of advertising, sometimes feel that their website is not creative, this is the individual technical problems caused by (I was ready to build a multi point containing technical website, recently to talk about with you, ha ha. ) what, SEO, ASP, PHP, and so on, that’s a preliminary idea,.

this time often went to see the ADMIN5, really learned a lot, but he never wrote an article, why? Don’t know, he didn’t want to do it, could see so many master webmaster, afraid, I do not know what to write. A few days ago, two of netizens said that my email the goods sold well, why not a web site with a similar Links, I do not know what to say,

I just replied, "do stand like a man.".

In fact, the

website has a lot of friends not to make money and do a website, but a considerable part of the master is to make money on the Internet go hard, indeed it is hard, but as long as the money is to rely on their own hard work and honesty earned, even if it is a little, the heart always have a harvest of joy.

makes money in order to make money. There are many ways to make money. Some people do not need to make money, and what kind of means, even despicable means, can be used.

in November last year, my friend wanted to buy a notebook computer, see a lot of brands, everyone said that Lenovo is good, just a fancy K42AT7300, but the price is very high, and then find a low price on eBay, soon found this model, but the price is very low 720 yuan, incredible, their website is, the address is: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Tianhe North Road, No. 233 Citic Tower, 8 floor, CITIC Digital City, but not 7300 but 7100, and the other (mobile phone 1354895255113272238777) to discuss not 7300, some say, they say you are first in line to take. Money to open their designated account (622200400010670773 Wang Yuefu), give my friend delivery, so my friend hit the money, plus 30 yuan freight totaling 750 yuan, in the afternoon when the other call my friend said he A manager who want to pass our way to this place, with friends, thought also, three days after the call that the goods arrived, and said that their goods are smuggled or price is not so low, in order to prevent the public security investigation, to friends prepaid 3000 yuan deposit, after the meeting see the bank remittance bill refunded, the friend said you do not how late say ah, how could this be, said no money, you.