no doubt that needs a large extent site traffic website content support, but many people also found that when using the search is often the site or site’s Web site occupies a very good ranking, and that in order to get a better flow and some loyal users. The website also rely on content or by


of course, the content of the article is very important, but our website is in need of users, so when the website construction, or to user centric, because access to users is the root of the site. We can see some trading website or Web2.0 website owners themselves do not produce content, but they can provide services to the user or platform, let users exchange the platform, allowing users to create content, this is indeed a saving of the construction site of the way.

of course we often consider optimization, but if your traffic is particularly high, at the same time your jump out rate is high, or the user on the site a very short residence time, what is the value of this website for


many people do believe that rely on content have flow, there are a large number of stations on the development, acquisition, human or update, or false original, only in exchange for the Internet more duplicate content, the result is the final result of the search user dissatisfaction, discontent, also led to the site development is not up, the content of the website is to do to whom, is for the user to view the content has to be determined by the user, then the most important website or to the user to the king, with the user to the core content and services, such as content based website, in the content of the organization should pay attention to the user experience, and make the content let users love the site.

of course, there are many websites, he has to rely on content to bring traffic, then please in the construction of appropriate content, from the user’s solution to design. For users to create content, in the presentation of the way to be more user centric. because it is a medical website, so it needs to attract users through content, in the embodiment of the user as the center, the place is provided free online consultation, to meet the needs of visitors.

technical director of Google, said a word "users love website, Google love", actually is the same as other sites, also began to simulate the behavior patterns of users in the search engine, and the search engine will be based on the user on the site click rate and residence time, to the effect of key words on the site ranking.