a few days ago with a client signed her peace Insurance Website Optimization contract, and she talked about her career, she was very successful, two years have bought a car, really enviable. She has told me that her insurance is a lifelong career, and QQ signature is also written on this sentence: insurance is the cause of my life, I want to send peace and blessings for each family! And put aside to write this sentence is to sell mentality or write the true inner thoughts, she could the more successful, at least a few points is worth learning:

1, choose your own industry: insurance is what she is interested in, and she is also the best at present.

2, a good state of mind: "I want peace and blessings for every family", enough to see how she works. No matter what you do, if you want to succeed, you must have a positive and good state of mind.

3, insist: we must admit that persistence is the most important condition for success. Now that you have chosen your own business and have a good mind to work, no matter what difficulties you may encounter, you should stick to it until you succeed.

no matter what we do, it is so, we should be so personal webmaster. Individual stationmaster is a huge Internet Group Chinese, can also be said to be the most profitable occupation, but it can really make money a few make money, which have not experienced failure and bitterness, but they persisted, so successful.

is now too many webmaster friends think, today see others do this station, please also do a tomorrow, see a keyword index is high, estimated to bring high traffic, and to do this, the monkey picking corn, throwing off, in the end what also have no. You might say, some people specialize in garbage stations, hand on hundreds of stations, but also earn a lot, this I have to admit, that there are people who do a lot of stations, but they which stations can develop for a long time, are short-term money, and people in general is more than the team operation. Everyone’s energy is limited. If you want to earn some living expenses by SMS, of course, you can do several garbage stations. But you want to make the site after the long-term development, always give you money, you should first choose for your industry, and then put the site as a career to persist, pre course may not earn what money, it can be used one or two dumps to maintain life. But remember your career, and don’t take the garbage dump as a theme.

Before making a website and choosing a topic,

should take full account of its own situation, and will design, operate and profit model well, without fighting unprepared. Here again cited the celebrity grandson’s words: before doing battle winner, may also be more; before doing battle is not a winner, very little. A number of wins, fewer extremely, even no calculation at all! My previous article mentioned, it is in combat before careful plan, and a detailed analysis of competitors. Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a webmaster, and this is <