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forum, Admin5 forum, Chinaz forum, laggards, 51. Exchange hall exchange Links post, is the most expensive station to do the requirements of this station Links and then PM, Email, and then add your links and so on. Some also require more than PR, and so on. Start with a frequently seen post on exchanging links:

I sincerely

PR3 website Links exchange website, PR=2 or website, Baidu included more than 200 pages, the webmaster exchange links links to this site please reply this post after PM, or E-MAIL. Here is the email address and so on…


1, PR3 website must exchange PR2 more than the website of the link? No need, as long as the other side of the site is not Baidu search engine punishment, not on


2, more than 200 pages. This is very funny. If you have a website with a total of 10 thousand pages, Baidu will include 200 pages, and a total of 30 web pages will be added to it, including 20 pages from Baidu. You also prefer to choose the first site? Stupid to! Baidu included should be included in the proportion of the collection, rather than simply the number of included.

3, PM reply to this post, and so on, but also leave an e-mail and so on, I suggest you do not join the ranks of the webmaster. Where is willing to exchange links to information owners to register an account to? Thinking how to email you? What do you go for your web site links to add links to his site? What do you think is your website? The simplest and most effective way is to leave a QQ Senior Interactive point code, add a QQ, let people for the first time to contact you.

the correct link to exchange posts should be this way:

I personally PR=3 website sincerely exchange links:


link text: Anhui SEO

requirements your station is not new station, Baidu, Google included good, not search engine punishment. In good faith, please contact QQ: (here is your QQ number)

that’s all. Simple and clear. The information came out at a glance. If you want to exchange links with you, you can contact QQ immediately. How convenient.

finally, please webmaster friends want to want to exchange the purpose of the link, but is to improve the site weight, ranking, with some traffic to. If only for PR to exchange links, it is better to send mass, practical and quick. Even to hijack PR, nobody talks about you. The key is not to violate the original intention of exchanging links.