belt as a tool to wear clothing, is naturally a broad consumer groups, and the entire market in order to meet more people, will naturally be born more and more brands. The following, let Xiaobian secret belt ten brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the brand of the market.

belt ten brands list NO.1, Hermes Hermes: in 1837, the world’s top luxury brands, bags of the top ten brands, the industry enjoys a high reputation, the French Hermes (Hermes) International group.

belt ten brands list NO.2, Louis Weedon LV:1854 France, the world’s top 500 brands, luggage and leather goods in the world’s first brand, Louis Weedon (China) Commercial Sales Co., ltd..

belt ten brands list: Gucci Gucci NO.3, founded in 1923, Italy’s largest fashion group as one of the ten big belt brand, well-known luxury brands, Gucci (Chinese) Trading Co. ltd..

belt ten brands list NO.4, Dunhill Dunhill: founded in 1893 in the United Kingdom, the world’s leading luxury brands, professional commitment to the design and manufacture of leather products brand, Dunhill (Dunhill).

belt ten brand rankings, NO.5 Goldlion Goldlion: in 1968 Hongkong, men’s business equipment industry influential brand, famous brand leather, listed companies, large multinational companies, Goldlion (China) Co. ltd..

belt ten brand rankings, NO.6 MontBlanc MontBlanc: on 1906, under Richemont brand, one of the most representative pen of the world, diversified luxury brands, Germany MontBlanc (MontBlanc) company.

belt ten brands list NO.7, Lacoste: crocodile in France in 1933, the world famous fashion brand, which is famous for its iconic polo shirt, diversified multinational enterprises, Montaigne garments (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

belt ten brands list NO.8, Septwolves leather: founded in 1996, the main products of Septwolves group, one of the domestic leather industry leading brands, Fujian Septwolves industry Limited by Share Ltd.

belt ten brands list NO.9, woodpeckers: the world famous leather goods brand, has a long history of the famous international brands, large multinational group company, Dongguan Qihao Garment Co. ltd..

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