many of the burger franchise brand what kind of comparison by consumers? What kind of brand earnings higher? Small series for you to recommend the United States and the United States, Hamburg, Hamburg Mecca not only to make money, there are a lot of support to join, let you open shop easily. The hamburger is Mecca from Mecca beauty Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a western style fast food franchise business, the well-known brands, "customer loyalty" as the highest standards, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, adhere to the steady development and continuously develop and improve the franchise system, to establish a "simple, comfortable, dynamic culture" restaurant constantly hard.

Mecca Hamburg is specializing in Western food research and development of well-known brands, founded in 2001. Mainly engaged in hamburger, crispy fried chicken, French fries and pearl milk tea, ice cream and fruit juice, ice porridge and other drinks, development, production and sales. Mecca has successfully passed the national trademark registration Industrial and Commercial Bureau, beauty of Mecca after years of unremitting efforts, has become the industry leader, we in line with the principles of honesty, QSCVL catering management experience and efficient logistics system, brand new, to provide comprehensive guidance for technical training, management, shop decoration design, post supervision and service of New Mecca! The United States dedicated, professional, is worthy of your trust in the Western fast-food brands! What beautiful hamburger Mecca to join


Mecca Hamburg join support as follows:

unified action plan

beauty Mecca own strong management and operation system, provide first-class brand image for all stores. Specifically: a unified image of the store, unified clothing, unified storefront design, with a unified goods, management mode, unified advertising, unified technology formula. Compared with the individual shop alone, greatly reducing the risk of venture capital and business exploration period.

strong training program

we will be in accordance with the usual practice of the United States and Germany, the franchisee training system, including proprietary technology, store decoration and planning, equipment use, operating rules, marketing strategy, staff management, etc..

linear supply plan

by senior management consultant Chinese according to the fast food market and consumer real taste especially set up a full set of professional equipment and seasoning products supply direct optimization scheme, specified by the manufacturer, no intermediate links, to ensure that the price is low, at the same time, a large number of centralized procurement, manufacturers must make the price fall, compared with sporadic shops procurement, cost is lower much.

public promotion plan

do a good job in public and community relations, and plan to implement and carry out a wide range of public welfare activities