entrepreneurial process, it is inevitable that some people will be quick success, how can we protect themselves? Now to teach you some self preservation technique, I hope we can be less bumpy on the entrepreneurial road.

money in whose hands who take the initiative, according to this principle, those who say what sign millions of orders with you, did not pay the deposit, to a rebate, which is often deceived, even if you have no such experience now, but must see the experience of others, for your business is very helpful.

if you have big partners, they do not bargain, or large orders are not required to local investigation to signing a contract, but also all the way you run in the past, here is not good, it is tricky, you passive as can be imagined, the discerning eye can see, so we must insist on the local sign of all the contract, which is the first step of the shoo.

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