in terms of the current strength of the enterprise, Alibaba as the Hurun wealth list this year, second, its economic strength is obvious. October 16th, Jiangsu province and the Alibaba group, ant Gold Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Nanjing. Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang, governor Shi Taifeng, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma attended the signing ceremony. Jiangsu and Alibaba have begun to cooperate, is a win-win strategy for both the future will have a better development.

Li Qiang on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the arrival of Ma and his party. He said, over the years, Mr. Ma in highly forward-looking leadership "Ali" struggle, the Alibaba build on the "Internet plus" top leader in the industry. Alibaba to attach great importance to technology and the pursuit of innovation, in the field of big data, e-commerce, cloud computing, Internet banking and other areas to create a global leader.

The current

, the Alibaba is beyond the self, to participate in the process of time in their own way, to promote economic and social development, and we hope that Alibaba has advanced core technology capability and social responsibility of the enterprise to join together, Jiangsu boost all-round integration of new technology revolution. I hope the two sides signed an agreement as an opportunity to fully cooperate and develop together to accelerate the implementation of the agreement landing, to do the real cooperation, real cooperation.

highlight the focus, to build the brand, to study how to focus on new technologies, new ideas to promote intelligent manufacturing, new finance, future urban management and other aspects of a new breakthrough. Focus on the future, explore tomorrow, strengthen the forward-looking layout of the key areas of Internet in Jiangsu, both in the background of the new technology to break a new path, to become a model for large enterprises and local government cooperation.

stone to Alibaba for a long time thanks to the support of Jiangsu’s economic and social development. He said that the current Internet and cloud computing, big data and other information technology is unprecedented efforts to reshape the traditional industries, the birth of new industries, the right time for cooperation, significant. Alibaba is a global Internet industry leader, to carry out strategic cooperation with Jiangsu, is conducive to the Alibaba constantly expand their practice space and innovation platform, but also conducive to our province’s economic transformation and upgrading, broad prospects for bilateral cooperation, have a brilliant future.

hopes the two sides based on the previous communication, in-depth implementation of 51 specific cooperation projects, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, jointly build a financial services platform, to jointly promote cooperation in the development of e-commerce, to jointly promote Internet e-government services to enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly create a good environment, and jointly promote the field of Internet innovation and application, and make greater contributions to the common for the new development of the Internet industry.

Ma said that Alibaba is to become the world’s fifth largest economy