in the Internet era, the use of the Internet to make money is to conform to the trend of practice. Do not need to invest too much money on the Internet, just a computer, easy to get ready for business. So, what do you make money online? The following small series to introduce you to several common ways to make money online!

1, the best way to make money online is to build a web site or blog to earn money by advertising and selling products or services. To know that there are many types of online blogging, you need to choose a blog style that matches your interests, plans, and technical level. A simple blog only through the use of paid blog sites, at least a month can earn hundreds of dollars.

2, learning online alliance marketing: online sales refers to the product or service network promotion, when the customer in your recommendation to buy goods, then you can get the commission. You can see this blog — how do make money online Amoy, depending on what you are selling, such as all the normal operation, marketing alliance will be the best way to make money online.

3, create an online career: build your own online business or company to make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade, including: web design, advertising copy writing, online marketing, such as the beginning of the business is very difficult to recruit suitable candidates, but also have sufficient knowledge and relationships in the industry.

4, domain name trading and online real estate transaction: This is to make money by buying and selling, the development of domain name, a domain name owner to buy a lot of domain name, the domain name and then sold to other interested buyers, and this line is similar to the real estate transaction. Domain owners also rely on the development of the site, and then sold online to buyers to make money. This is known as " reselling site " if you know how to create a web site that is both attractive and profitable, it’s a way to make money online.

5, to join the ranks of paid sites: there are a lot of paid web site, is the site to pay for you to receive mail, do research, try to register and browse the web. Websites that pay you to complete your registration are usually paid for. The advantage is that you do not need to have their own website or any personal technology, the drawback is that there are many online fraud in this area, to find a legitimate website may be difficult to pay.

6, looking for an online virtual Occupation: Online occupation is not limited to data entry, said virtual assistant, McKinnon, virtual life coach and open source software work in the new economy blog, Bitwine and Ether in such a small consulting website to help, you will be able to easily shop, and then through the network to provide suggestions some special problems. Most virtual work is through direct communication as the electronic media network phone, instant messaging and email like this, it means you only need one can access the home computer can engage in online virtual work to make money.

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