according to the survey, the Spring Festival this year, up to 70 billion, in the face of such a promising food and beverage projects, how do you choose, how to grasp it? Let us further analysis of the next three new year’s Eve trend is what.

2016 Spring Festival is approaching, the new year’s Eve dinner booking began to hot. Hot line is not only a chain of restaurants, online booking sites are also a large number of promotional campaigns, because the price is more affordable, a lot of chain restaurants began a table hard to find. Commodity business review found that this year’s food choices for consumers to eat and eat in the form of the more diverse demand. So, for the next line of many catering practitioners, whether it can be seen from the new year’s dinner market smell a chance in 2016.

The first is the price decreased

. In recent years, the average price of new year’s Eve dinner is often seen in the major media, thousands of thousands of dollars on a meal to let the general public prohibitive. This year since the introduction of the provisions of the central eight, many high-end chain restaurants are experiencing new year’s Eve cold, so, some high-end hotels have begun to lower the figure, to reduce the price of the civilian route. I learned in the interview, most of the hotel the dinner on New Year’s Eve price is not high, the dinner on New Year’s Eve package prices are mostly concentrated in the 1 thousand yuan to 3 thousand yuan, the per capita consumption of 100 yuan in general, and even there are many restaurants choose free drinks for the dinner on New Year’s Eve promotion. In recent years, the frequent appearance of the new year’s dinner has been difficult to trace, we can see the popularity of food and beverage consumption is still the mainstream.